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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

I can't believe the month is already over! June went by so fast! a lot has been going on around here but not all of it deserves a place on my blog. June wasn't a big month for favs sadly… I've been battling depression the last few months and I think I'm finally in a much better head space now than I was back in April and May. Staying close to people who make you tel like you're not hard to love can really help the healing process. I'm not healed just yet, but I'm closer than I was.


If you have not noticed, I got rid of my IG for awhile and honestly, it’s been such a huge help with healing. Even if I finally did get invited to get paid per reel — my head wasn’t in it to worry about making reels. And that is fine. Tbh I hate making reels. I’d rather do something I actually enjoy than force myself to make content I’ll just dread. That never works out good for me… spiritually at least. 


It’s also moving season for me again, after skipping it for 2 years lol. But with the girls getting bigger — they definitely need a bigger space. Also I’m sick of toys literally everywhere. Just why?!



Well, I guess I lied.


I had a bit more favs in June than I thought I did...



Despite me and Bub getting ready for FFXIV Dawn Trails release, I found myself obsessed with getting the Palia plushie drops. I finally got my first Muujin out of three. The disco one being the most annoying to hunt. I also got 2 out of 5 bug plushies.


Axelyn and Penny hit 8 years; I literally never thought that would had been a thing the day I snapped this screenshot. All because I asked him if I could have his waterproof cloth. And he was kind enough to let me have it and risk losing the money he would had made if he sold it instead. 


Bub also got me a new controller that lights up. My PS5 controller was getting on my nerves... as much as I love it, PS controllers hooked up to PC's is always a freakin pain. I just have to get use to the Xbox controller button placement all over again.


I also jumped back on Stardew Valley to find all the 1.6 new tools. I managed to to finally find the Holy Blade... after a week and a half of rl time grinding. And after I got to floor 100 in Skull Cavern in one go. Siiiigh. I achieved both in the same 24 hours though, so I can't... be too mad lol. 

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit released through Netflix gaming. It's such a weird concept but not. Does anyone remember when Netflix let you borrow games? Like PS2 games? Right when they first launched? I've been a Netflix subscriber since they launched and it's insane to see how much they've changed through out the years. And I often wonder why I stayed subbed back then when they only had a handful of movies and most of the stuff had to be physically rented out and mailed back.


I've discovered a new gaming snack. I love jerky and finding new types/flavors/brands is always fun for me. These along with the sticks are fire. Tums and Winnie always fight me for it when they see me snacking on them. I wish I could get like, a super jumbo pack of these. Addicting is an understatement. Fritos Chili Cheese is already my favorite thing ever -- it brings back lots of band and color guard competition memories!


Have I ever mentioned I was in band and color guard? I'm still pretty freakin close to most of my HS band mates which is amazing. Ya'll ain't sick of my shit yet? lol


I also rediscovered my love for IBC Black Cherry soda. I lived off this stuff when I lived in Florida. It was a MUST on my weekly grocery runs. I don't know why I haven't picked it up since moving to Texas 7 years ago. But man, how I've missed it. It does make me miss Florida summers though. Then again breathing makes me miss Florida lol.


I've gone back to my iPad coloring book. It's been one of my favorite things since getting an iPad again a few years ago. I love doing coloring books, they're one of my favorite forms of meditation. I just hate when I don't like how something came out. But I do like I can start it over as many times as I want. I've thought of branching out to other coloring book apps but Pigment is by far the best one I've found since 2022.


I also got back into making gaming stickers. I have a few stickers, key chains and acrylic pins to photograph and post on my shop. I've just been slacking because... I don't know. I keep saying I'll take the product shots but I always tend to forget or run out of time somehow. It's def not as easy as it use to be when you're watching two very active curious kids who don't listen all day long. I can barely go to the bathroom. I'm surprised I even have new products to show. It's been a while since... but it's nice to sketch and draw again.


I do plan on doing some Palia stickers and some text FFXIV Endwalker ones from Elpis. There was way too many good dialog going on there to not make stickers. Legit. Most of my screenshots were of the character conversations.


I've also found myself drawing tombstones to test new brushes on Procreate and Adobe Fresco. Weird thing to use as a test sketch subject but hey, who am I to judge. Myself. Do what you do giiiiirl. Maybe I'll release some as stickers for Fall, or make them into digital planner stickers << that's one thing I'm hoping to start making by the end of the year.

What were some of your favorites in June?

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