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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Welcome to hazearella! Formally known as A Fairytale Life. I wanted something that was one word and that had my name in it and well, this is what came out of that! Though I have to admit that I borrowed the idea from my book blog Readarella. Which is also moving to a new location fairly soon. Or at least the channel is.

This year I'm doing vlogmas. If you're unfamiliar with vlogmas it's when you post a vlog every day from Dec 1 - Dec 25th. So check out my channel here [ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnjKOfHUd0yntveeBwUslaw ] for daily vlogs until Christmas! Don't forget to subscribe as well!

I know I have a million different blogs. I'm hoping this is the last time I change my name. I don't see why I would change it considering I'm pretty much in love with this username. But then again, it's me we're talking about.

This isn't a beauty blog strictly though I will be doing hauls, reviews and stuff like that. There's also going to be a bunch of lifestyle posts. Things that make up me and my life, a couple of struggles though I have another blog for that as well. Things I find interesting or just things I want to say. I'm tired of be confined to just ONE subject. I felt like I couldn't have a lifestyle blog without having it be a beauty blog. If that makes sense. But I want this space to be more about me. About my journey. About my struggles.

And I think right now is the perfect time to not only start over but rediscover myself too.

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