College Life | Full Sail University • Week 1

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A while back I was finding myself unhappy with being a University of Phoenix student. I began there in 2010 taking classes on campus for about 2 years since getting my general ed done at the community college was close to impossible! After that I began classes online since I moved to Florida. I was in the Communications & Marketing program and I took a few of the communications classes. While they were interesting they weren't exactly what I wanted. They were pretty much the general idea and nothing scared me more than graduating from college, getting a job and not knowing what the heck anyone was talking about!

So I looked into other online schools, Full Sail always being in the back of my mind because of how they are so technology based. So one night I was about done with school and called up Full Sail. Got some information, started the enrollment process, took a tour of the most amazing and beautiful campus I've ever seen and within about a week I was in my first class.

It's a general Digital Literacy class, so nothing super hard. Our first actual assignment was to find our "digital identity" and produce something to illustrate it. I originally wanted to make a vlog but as I was rereading the instructions, it became clear that's what what the assignment was calling for. Instead I came up with this.

I tried using a 2.0 web tool they suggested (I forgot the name at this point) and it was so frustrating so I ended up just doing this on Photoshop instead. 

While it gives you a good idea of what I do on the internet and the things that have influenced me, it seems as though my class only noticed one aspect of my image.

I ended up being the one who had the most replies, by the end of the week it was at 21. And the entire thread is spent talking about Kingdom Hearts then moved on to video games in general. Companies, games, consoles... it just really amused me. Thanks guys haha.

So now we're (naturally) into week 2. It's more based on group work and a bunch of other confusing things but I'm having a blast doing these assignments and getting to know other people. The lectures are nice as they're streamed and you're able to ask the teacher questions in the chat box. 

So here's to week 2!

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