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Sunday, June 14, 2015

I probably should had posted this yesterday or last night but we got home late so naturally I'm posting it today! Still debating on if I should skip a weekly recap post. 

So first off Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing, caring, compassionate, sweetest, brutally honest, adorable and frustrating person I know. Thank you for everything you do for Sophie and I. Your care does not go unnoticed. We are both very thankful for you babes. Thank you for caring about me as intensely as you do, for always making sure I'm okay and I'm completely stress free even if you're holding the weight of the world on your shoulders you never fail to put me first. I'm glad you had a good birthday babe, I didn't get to spoil you as much as I wanted to (you should be scared when Christmas rolls by) but I'm still feeling rather accomplished. I love you so much, never forget that! Here's to many more years of frustration, adventures and love.

Yesterday was pretty busy.

The day before babes went to a wedding and came home a bit tipsy with way too much energy and started his birthday off with an epic pillow fight with me (seriously the most random thing ever) then we fell asleep while watching anime. This one particular one always puts me to sleep. It's insane. I'm trying so hard to pay attention and I always end up falling asleep! It's not that it's even boring. I don't know what it is, it's strange how that happens lol.

We headed over to a grand opening of a new comic store in Orlando. I was a little upset that I didn't find my boba cause man, I was really looking forward to that. But the place looked amazing. For starters they had Storm Troopers greeting you at the door and the place is massively huge. There is art all over the the place and a mini gallery. There's a cafe where you can play board games and hang out. A ton of comics and fandom stuff. It was overwhelming. There were a ton of amazing cosplayers. Wish I wasn't scared to ask for pics! There were also vendors there. Some I've met at cons and others I haven't seen yet. It's nice to see familiar faces from cons! 

We picked up our free comics and headed over to Tony Keith's to have lunch. They have sweet potato tater tots. Need I say more?!? OMG. Heaven. I swear. If I paired it with the ranch from the cheese sticks I probably would had died but the waitress took it away lol. 

Nick was dressed up in a snazzy suit but kept his jacket off the rest of the day which is totally fine since it was super hot and humid (at least it wasn't raining!) but he looked incredibly handsome. And he has these amazing green eyes that just totally stand out when he's happy. I can't freakin deal sometimes. I just wanna squish his face! 

After lunch we headed over to MY usual comic book store and I got him a something he could build that he's been wanting for awhile (that he spent literally all night working on and got it done an hour before he had to go to work... don't ask lol). Grabbed myself a comic I've been staring at for a few weeks now and a Supernatural fandom pin. I need to start watching Supernatural from the beginning. I've seen/heard a few episodes here and there. Mostly the newer stuff but I can't deny that I'm a bit of a Dean fan... then again, who isn't? Amirite?

After the comic book store we headed over to one of his family members houses for dinner and a party. His cousin got married the night before and so it was the after wedding party. I don't get how these wedding traditions go. It's like you have a wedding shower, the wedding then the day-after-the-wedding party. Like, geez. Then you normally go off to your honeymoon. Talk about nonstop parties for like a freakin week. It's insane! And exciting to think about but mostly insane lol. I met a few more of this family members which I was SO nervous to at first but his family is really sweet and it wasn't so bad. But it did make me nervous when majority of the people were like "it's so nice to meet you! I've heard so much about you!" why don't people ever tell you what they heard? I'm curious! Haha. There were two Yorkies running around and I was trying to talk Nick into getting one and he was totally against the idea! Rude!

Nick: No. This conversation is over!
Nick: TOO BAD!

Eventually his main family members ended up taking over the living room and were swapping stories. Hearing his grandpa talk about how the moment he saw his grandma he said to himself I'm gonna marry that girl, and I did was really cute. They're a lovely couple and they're definitely my definition of #marriagegoals. They may be older but they still laugh, joke around and have fun. I'm glad Nick was lucky enough to grow up around that kind of example. Some of us aren't so lucky. And I love being around his grandparents, especially his grandma. She's so laid back and fun to talk to!

After the party we headed home for a bit and changed. I needed to get out of that dress and those heels! Oh! I wore a dress. Without stockings or leggings. Just straight up a dress and heels. He was so proud of me. So was his mom and sister. It was really nice. I'm lucky to be surrounded by so many positive and supporting people. Even though they kinda just met me.

Me: Did you have a good day?
Nick: Of course. I got to spend the day with the most beautiful girl I know. AND you wore a dress for me? I'm so proud of you and your self confidence.

After changing we headed over to his grandparents for cake and fireworks. Spent a little time playing 4-Square (YES 4-SQUARE) with his sister and his cousin. Did pretty well for someone who hasn't played in like 20 years. The cake was delicious! OMGG. It was mostly ice cream with crunchies in between the layers. I was tempted to tell my ex sister in law about it until I remembered we're not family nor friends. But I will totally be looking for that type of cake when I move into my new place. We'll throw a little party with just... us and our moving crew haha.

Headed home for the night to find Sophie sleeping in the middle of the bed. Silly girl. Nick worked on building his gift and I fell asleep to Transformers and playing AlphaBetty which is a game his mom was mentioning. It's pretty challenging lol.

And now I need to cut this short and get started on my homework that's due tonight. I know I missed a bunch of posts and I have a lot of catching up to do and a lot of people to reply to. It's so easy to lose track of time where I am right now and it's like I'm waking up but falling asleep at the same time. If that makes sense. I've got a few things to touch up on this blog as well and some researching to do. So hopefully I'll be finding/making more time to write blogs and vlog again because I've been slacking on that a bit as well.

Hope you're all having an awesome afternoon!

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