Life | Monthly Recap; January 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I'm going to be doing a series of Monthly Recap on this blog every month to document the things I loved, the things I hated and the things I stumbled across. I love looking back at the end of the year to see the progress I've made and the things I loved and hated. I don't know, it's always been a favorite thing of mine to do! 

G O A L S   R E C A P

>> I read 2 books
>> I completed my goal of finishing 5 candles
>> I managed to compile an empties list
>> Finished my MSQ on FFXIV \o/
>> Found a few favorites
>> Making sure to make lists when I go to the store
>> Started using my Sony WX300 to take product shots
>> I re-caught the attention of the Yelp Elite staff and crossing fingers for my badge back
>> Posted two videos; Unboxing | #SanrioSmallCrate and Unboxing | December 2016 Owlcrate

As far as goals, I didn't meet too many in the month of January. 

My gathering classes on FFXIV are leveling faster than I expected them to but none are capped out at 60 just yet. My Summoner is missing one last il260 piece of gear \o/ then I can work on upgrading it to il270 every week and working on upgrading the gear for either my Bard or my Scholar to il260 next. I'm also working on getting one of the PVP mounts, just the first silver one. I already got a complete gear set for my Bard and my title. Now I just have to win 10 matches.

My apartment has been invaded by house flies so if I've been posting anxiety filled posts it's because of that making my OCD and anxiety sky rocket. We did manage to find the source and clean it up (it was SO DISGUSTING) and I'm going to try to be better at letting my roommate know to keep tidy now that this happened. So now all we can do is wait and hope that the rest of the flies die off. There won't be any new ones --- thank God. But that has been eating up a lot of my mind space, my time and my energy as of late. And I hate it.


 Going back to BurgerFi in my favorite plaza

 All the pretty pinks and reds in Target isles for Valentines Day!

Being able to order delicious Gators via UberEats!

Coming across this --- not 100% sure what I think just yet but it sure is pretty!

Trips to Disney is always my favorite --- but seeing pink everywhere? Even better!


 I'm in love with my culinary glamour!

 He was /embrace-ing me but it looks like he's biting my head lol

 Everyone hates the new raid dungeon but I really like this entry way!

A cute photo Penny snapped of us hugging his Chocobo Kickenwang between PvP matches

I'm incredibly excited for February!

I really always do forget to mention my relationship in my posts... not that you can really recap a relationship or anything but just for future Hazel who I know will be looking back on these posts some day --- your relationship, though long distance is probably the easiest relationship you've been in. You've hit 7 months together and still going very strong. You changed Axelyn Lockser's name to Lady Axelyn'puss which did surprise Penny and his reaction was amazing. Through your heaviest nights of anxiety this month because of the flies he's called before bed and waited for you to word vomit your heart out until you gained enough ease to fall asleep. He doesn't think your anxiety or OCD is crazy, at all and he's really down to help you through it all. You got lucky with this one zellie!

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