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Friday, February 3, 2017

I'm going to be doing a series of Monthly Recap on this blog every month to document the things I loved, the things I hated and the things I stumbled across. I love looking back at the end of the year to see the progress I've made and the things I loved and hated. I don't know, it's always been a favorite thing of mine to do! 

With that said, we're going to recap my empties! 

For as long as I've been a beauty/lifestyle blog/vlogger (on and off since 2008, if you're curious) I've always wanted to do this type of recap but I'm so awful at finishing products because I'm scared they'll go away forever. This year I'm trying to ween myself away from hoarding so much stuff. If it never comes back at least I documented my thoughts on it and if it does come back and it's something I loved then great!

I've also started playing with my Sony camera since my ex has yet to give me back my Canon S90... but that's for a word vomit post.

I started off with finishing the Sugared Passionfruit candle from Target's dollar spot ($3!) and I LOVED it! It gave off such a nice scent throw and it was the perfect happy fruity scent to welcome Spring! I of course bought a back up of it.

Next is the Pineapple Meringue candle from Target. They didn't have the usual brand, just this fancier one. On cold sniff it was pretty nice but burning it didn't have a scent throw --- at all! I was so disappointed! Under that is the Limoncello Poptail candle from Bath & Body Works that was from last year's collection I think... I really liked this one; it was like if you were to take a lemon and a lime starburst and make it into a candle! The Sugared Lemon Zest from this Spring's collection is a pretty close dupe for it so I'm certain this type of scent isn't really going anywhere. Above it is the Strawberry Shortcake candle I got from Anthro years ago. I've never burned it because it was so pretty and expensive but I thought --- why not. They still carry it so. It was okay, I wasn't crazy about it. It had a hint of a fakeness to the scent but I am going to take that jar and the Pineapple Meringue jars and use them as storage in my kitchen!

Next we have the Strawberry Lemonade Mainstays candle from Wal-Mart.Which I've already written a review on here.

Next is the Twisted Peppermint hand soap with Olive Oil that I loved! Twisted Peppermint is my favorite holiday/winter/December scent. I get it every single year! This Olive Oil formula was pretty nice on my hands, especially since they dry out a lot in the winter. 

Next to that is the Garnier Whole Blends shampoo in Green Apple & Green Tea. In middle and high school my shampoo was ALWAYS green apple scented. Nowadays it's hard to find one that is! So when I stumbled on this at Publix I HAD to grab it and I'm glad I did! I absolutely love this scent! So much that I got the whole trio set! 

Next is the Twisted Peppermint Body Wash. I don't know what it is about the Twisted Peppermint body wash and the hand and body lotion but I swear the "mint" in it makes your skin tingle. Maybe it's just me, who knows. Either way I love the feeling and the scent! 

I forgot to add this guy to the snap...

I had high hopes for this candle that were not filled. I mean I guess it's a good candle if you're looking for ambiance which sometimes I forget that candles are used for that too and not just good-smelling-things for your room and home. Still, I'm glad I tried it and this scent in the oil is amazing (they're pictured together in case I forgot what scent it was --- didn't realize there's a sticker on the front of the jar that tells you... doh).

Products that are missing: Bath & Body Works foam bath in Eucalyptus Spearmint and Bath & Body Works foam bath in Tangerine Spearmint --- both of which are my favorite Bath & Body Works (and really overall) bubble baths. I go through so many of these! I haven't gotten a back up just yet. I know that the Tangerine Spearmint is one that only comes out every semi annual sale though so that sucks but it does come back... at some point. 

Unfortunately I didn't finish up anything that was beauty related! I need to get back into the habit of wearing makeup more regularly again. It's not that I don't want to, cause I do... I'm just lazy. And I don't go out much...though that should be enough of a reason TO wear makeup more!

I'm not sure I want to lift my candle buying ban JUST YET, even though I did burn through 5 candles like I said I would.... I just need to get through more products. Plus there's no rush to buy more anyway, the season just started!

I think I did pretty well in January! What are some products that you finished up in the last month?

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