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Tuesday, April 3, 2018



Last year I told Bubba that Easter was one of my favorite hoildays; my mom always made sure we had Easter baskets and as I got older she started adding Tulips to my Easter basket gifts. But when I moved away to work for Disney, she wasn't there to set up an Easter basket for me (though some years she would ship me one) and so I started making Easter baskets for myself.

(Fun Fact: Despite I was married before for pretty much 11 years, my ex husband never ONCE made me an Easter basket. Then again it took divorce papers to actually buy me a birthday gift for the first time ever so who knows.)

Last year Bubba made me an Easter basket claiming I can't make them for myself so he put together a basket and brought it with him to Disney World since we were spending my birthday there and he was flying out on Easter.

To this day, I have no idea how he fit that giant basket into his duffel bag.


The theme this year was Easter in Wonderland.

I thought me moving here would mean a smaller basket but uh, no. Not really lol.

Sophie, for size compassion (even though she is a pretty small cat, but you get the idea).
I had been there when he grabbed some of the stuff for my basket but I still didn't know WHAT was in it.

Clearly, a lot.

Including this big ass egg I had to open last.

But just like last year, I had to search and dig for stuff in the grass.

Which tbh, I really enjoy! It makes it such an adventure. And you'll find, I'm all about adventures, wherever I can find them!


Once I found everything I got to crack open the egg. Inside was Mimikyu and Litwick plushie! I've been obsessed with Mimikyu for awhile. I'm not even really sure why.

I saw this Mimikyu pin at Target that came with a card and a pack of other Pokemon cards. I don't know crap about Pokemon and I definitely don't know crap about Pokemon trading card games! But I read his little story and I thought he was the cutest thing ever.

I literally don't know how Bubba managed to fit these two inside that egg though.


An overview of most of the things lol.


He got me two complete TsumTsum sets.

I still collect these and I love the little sets like these cause there's always a glitter one included. I don't play with them or anything but I think having hats/headbands to put on them would be a really cute idea. I just saw the short for this one on YouTube and poor Eeyore!


Easter TsumTsum plushies! I'm finding this is becoming a tradition in his gifts --- including TsumTsum plushies lol.


He got me this really cute light up cup! I don't know how you're suppose to wash the straw since it doesn't detach I don't think but I'll figure it out! But it's so colorful and fun! I love that the bottom lights up (pretty dang bright too, I might add).


I got some Peeps!
I'm a sucker for all things Coconut but I have yet to try these! I also haven't had regular Peeps dipped in chocolate before... but I use to have this fav Easter candy years ago. Back in the 90's that was only sold at Walmart. It was a bucket of mallow chicks and they were filled on the inside with chocolate. I haven't seen them around in way too many years but I always try to find something like it. I have yet to find something similar!


I'm a Coca Cola addict.


I drink it almost every single day. It's not so much the taste but like the way it feels. It's hard to explain but Pepsi isn't the same.


He included these yummy smelling wax melts. There's a bunch more but they were under everything lol! These are some of my fav brands, this one's from Walmart and it's like less than $2 but the scent throw is AMAZING and they last FOREVER. The Strawberry one on the left smells amazing!


The basket itself smelled amazing! Like a soft Spring scent and I found it was because of all these bath products he included. Mini bubble bath's with matching bath bombs and bath confetti! I don't think the confetti itself melts or anything but it would be cute to just have floating around in the tub.


And also markers in pastel colors!

I had picked out two of them, I don't remember which two and he grabbed another two when I wasn't looking. Sneaky.

I'm a sucker for pens and highlighters too. I need to make more use of my planner, I don't know why I stopped but I wish I hadn't cause now things and bill payments are starting to get confusing. Whomp!


And of course he included owls and a bag of Starburst. There's also a pixel Mario under that pixel Princess Peach I've been wanting but he wouldn't stand up on his own lol so Peach is representing both of them!

He also had some Coconut Nest and Raspberry Chocolate eggs in here as well as Annie's Strawberry fruit snacks (which I love Annie's fruit snacks).

But now that I've made my blog post I can finally put this stuff away and eat these goodies! Yay!

Thank you so much Bubba Bear for my basket! Everything was super thoughtful ♥.

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