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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Two years ago I married my best friend in a different world.

I can't believe it's been two whole years since then! Time truly does fly when you're having fun, I guess. Because it definitely doesn't feel like two years. It feels like we just got married. But thinking of the span of time from this day to today and everything that has happened between is crazy.

I'm thankful for this moment. For this day. For the friends that were once family and though they're not anymore I still keep these memories close to me. I'm thankful for the man by my side who did everything in his power to be there for me --- a random girl he met on a video game states away and how he never left my side.

I definitely didn't know what I was getting into when I decided to say yes to Sir Penny'puss.


This boy with his smooth lines, sexy catboi and his sexy glamours who for the last two years since we became friends had made sure that I go to sleep every single night with a smile on my face. Who's never taken his eyes or his attention off of me.

(Don't worry, my hotbar doesn't look like that anymore)


Bubba actually brought his TV and PS4 over so we could get on together but he didn't wanna stay home for it lol. So he set up his TV and PS4 on the counter and I played where I usually play and it was kinda nice, to just play in the same room with each other. I wasn't able to get on for their anniversary last year because my stuff from Florida took FOREVER to get here and I didn't have internet.

So it seems like Axe and Penny's anniversary is usually spent in real life --- with a movie and adventures.

We tried a new BBQ place I had my eye on; but not the fancy part just the counter part. Still, those sandwiches were massive!! We also tried a Gelato place I've been wanting to try which was so good. I think next time I'll get Gelato and not Sorbet lol.

Then we went to watch Incredibles 2 which I actually enjoyed more than the first one. The theater also had plush recliner seats THAT HEATED UP. Crazy right?! Maybe next time I'll order food from there. We had one like this at Disney Springs and the food was ehhh.

We had dinner at Olive Garden instead and Bubba got me the new apple drink. SO GOOD.

And of course his FFXIV set up lol!


For our anniversary we got each other something in game; I got him the Panda mount from Mog Station and he got me these 3 minions. I was actually about to buy the first 2 the day before but decided against it lol! How ironic!

We didn't get any screenshots though, but we got to spend time together ♥.


Bubba also made us some Strawberry Shortcake while we watched some of Ready Player One before jumping on FFXIV to do maps but ended up doing Heaven On High instead lol.


Sadly my version didn't come out as good.

Yeah, mine is gonna take some work lol!

Either way, I had fun!

Still can't believe it's been 2 years!

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