Happy October~!

Monday, October 1, 2018

It's FINALLY October 1st!

Which means it's officially THE MOST WONDERFUL TiME OF THE YEAR!

At least for me ;)

I know I should had have this blog post prepped and ready to go (along with several others) in advanced but you know... morning sickness kicked my ass in all of September. So hard. And it was nowhere near fun.

Oh, morning sickness. Right. I haven't announced it here yet, have I? I'll get to that later on this week!

But for now let's talk October and all things Halloween and happy things!

When did "Hot Cocoa" turn into a "Fall" scent though? I finally got to stop by Kohl's yesterday to see their new Fall candles and these labels are GORG but the thing I don't like about them is that their scent throw lit isn't that strong (at least last years) and the wax tends to tunnel. So while I am IN LOVE with these labels, I grabbed a few wax melts instead. I may go back for some of the jars eventually but yesterday wasn't that day.

As I mentioned September was taken over by morning sickness so my apartment isn't even AT ALL decked out for Fall yet and I'm SO disappointed in myself! I feel like I'm late! And while my nausea has lifted significantly, it's not like it's 100% gone 100% of the time like I'd LIKE it to be. But then, I guess that's part of the pregnancy "fun"... the suffering part.

I'm determined to do #BLOGTOBER this year and a weekly VLOG recap at the end of every week like I did last year. I have a few blog post idea's lined up for blogtober this year, the problem is up dating this blog as well as PLACES AND PEONIES and PXA... oye!

Here's to hopefully a productive October!

Do you plan on doing BLOGTOBER?

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