We're Pregnant!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I'm currently 13 weeks + 3 days.

We found out some time in the first week of August.

This time I immediately scheduled an appt. The clinic location closer to us was booked until mid September! So I had to opt for the clinic a few cities over to get an appt the following week.

Things were fine, our previous pregnancy (we lost the baby at 10 weeks on Christmas Eve of last year) I did not have any morning sickness whatsoever. I threw up maybe 3 times, 3 MINI times at that so I joked that Bubba's babies don't hate me and don't give me morning sickness.

I definitely had spoken WAY too soon! Two days later morning sickness had kicked in and the following days it REALLY started to kick in, BIG TIME.

The first appointment

Was definitely... uhm. It was well... it was just was. I honestly didn't know what to expect and I should probably mention that I hate going to the doctors and I HATE getting my blood drawn. My mom was obsessed with me doing blood tests on a weekly basis in high school... you'd think that I woulda got use to it. But nope, it made me hate it even more.

I had started spotting pretty regularly... but mostly when I peed. It was so weird. So the doctor went through some basic health background questions, then she did a Pap Smear (which I also hate). She then prescribed me something for my nausea. And sent me to do blood work. DREAD.

They took something like 10 things from me. I didn't feel that light headed, just slightly when I got up. But the lady who took my blood was trying so hard to be gentle. They were playing my jams though so I felt a little bit more at ease in there. After the appt we went to get some KFC and I ended up throwing up in the car before I even got home (I had a plastic bag thankfully) and it was pretty violent throwing up.

The first anti nausea meds didn't really do shit for me. At all. I then got my clear for another kind, the kind that starts with a D. I still struggled with morning sickness up until the 12th week.

The first Trimester

Was god awful.

It wasn't AS BAD as my very first pregnancy by any means but it was still pretty fuckin awful. I'm sure no one enjoys morning sickness. Not knowing what you can and can't eat until it's too late. Your favorite foods sounding disgusting. Food in general sounding disgusting. The dizziness. Just the all around BLAH. Everything is SO uncomfortable! No matter what you do or try!

My entire August and September were taken away by morning sickness. Along with my hopes to decorate for the Fall and dabble in ALL THE FALL THINGS. I had zero interest in going out. In decorating. In even HEARING about Fall snacks. It was so sad and so awful.

The only thing I could literally keep down for weeks to drink was Apple Juice and the syrup from the Peach cups. That was pretty much it. The crazy part was that some foods TASTED different. Like any soda from a can automatically tasted like foil. The baby made me throw up Chocolate, Rice, Pineapples and Orange Juice instantly. It still throws up Chocolate but I just deal with it cause I'm stubborn lol!

The ligament pains sucked sooo much. My anti nausea meds that weren't doing much of anything had side effects of constipation and headaches. Which both were NOT fun whatsoever.

The one time I tried to brave the outdoors and go Pop hunting with Bubba I threw up the moment I got out of the car at all 3 stores. I walked maybe 3 steps into Target before I threw up in my plastic bag I brought with me before he sent me back to the car and went grocery shopping on his own. It was so depressing and I hated it. So I just didn't leave the apartment until pretty much week 12.

We had our second appt which only consisted of us hearing the heartbeat for about 5 seconds and the next doctor lecturing me about my diet and drinking more water.

We're at week 13 now and have yet to have gotten an ultrasound.

The second Trimester

So far it has been a bit better.

I can actually GO OUT and NOT THROW UP. I did find, with the suggestion of a friend, that chewing gum in the car helps to curb the motion sickness big time! Whew. I have a little more freedom as to what I can and can't eat and what I can and can't drink.

Bubba has been here for weeks cooking for me and trying to find foods I can keep down. Getting up in the mornings to cook for me so I eat through out the day while he's at work. I absolutely appreciate the effort he puts into make sure I'm eating, I'm comfortable, I have everything I need and that my anxiety and depression haven't been TOO bad. He def puts a lot of effort into taking care of me and Sophie! Every single day.

I have been eating what feels like for 3 since the morning sickness started to lift away. Like I'm making up for all the times I threw up or something lol. It's been insane. And costing a bit lol. And now I struggle mostly with the growth of this belly and getting use to how it feels, how it sits there and feeling it grow more and more. It's such a weird feeling, that's for sure! I def have that curve under my boobs now and it's ugh, I can FEEL it there!  I literally don't know how to describe it in words! But it feels like I have something between a boulder and a balloon sitting under my boobs. Getting up to pee is such a struggle and now a days I'm getting up more and more through out the night which sucks! I can't even hold it anymore, like I HAVE to go NOW.

OH and I WADDLE when I walk T_T.

Our next appt is in a few weeks and I'm really hoping we get to see an ultrasound!

And that I don't have to draw blood again.

But that might be asking for too much lol.

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