Fall Bucket List 2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018

This is possibly the first time I'm ever writing a Fall Bucket List.

And the third year I'm missing Halloween at Disney World -- life changes are always hard and having something you love so much that you can't go back to is always hard.

I'm enjoying actually being able to feel Fall here in Texas, something that Florida couldn't grant you no matter how much wishing you do!

You can find magic anywhere. If you look hard enough.

This pregnancy delayed my plans to deck my apartment out in Fall decor (it's the 11th and nothing is up yet! I know, fuckin crazy right?) so to get myself in the Fall mood I figure I'd make a list of things I hope to see/do this Fall season!

  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch
    I honestly don't remember the last time I actually went to a Pumpkin Patch! Maybe when I was in grade school and we would take school trips to one? And the only reason why I even remember that is because of pictures I've seen!
  • Complete my October Reading Challenge
    I look forward to this challenge every year because I always end up finding 1 or 2 books I absolutely fall in love with because of it! So I'm hoping I get a good amount of books read this year because so far this year I've only fallen in love with one book and it makes my soul restless!
  • Work on taking Fall aesthetic photos
    I love love LOVE seeing Fall aesthetic photos on Pinterest and on Instagram! Photos always have a way of inspiring me and I love how aesthetic photos make me feel.
  • Visit the Dallas Arboretum
    I recently just discovered this place through an Instagram ad (and they say those things aren't useful)! Last year they themed their Pumpkin Patch for OZ! I'm so sad I missed out on it!! This year it's themed after Neverland! I love gardens and such so I'm pretty excited to see this!
  • Go to the Texas State Fair
    In Cali our state fair was always in the summer time -- when it was hot and sticky and there were way too many people. Here in Texas it's in October -- thank goodness! It's still pretty warm but it's not hot. There's so much to see/do and eat! I always had "Attend a Texas State Fair" on my bucket list and I never thought I'd see one so it blows my mind that I get to go to them now!
  • Bake something
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who pins about a million different "Fall recipes" on Pinterest in hopes to spend afternoons in the kitchen baking up pretty pastries and savory dinners. When in reality we probably won't even get to one of those. WELL NO MORE I SAY! I'm hoping this year I'll get to bake something. At least one thing. Even if it's not until November (cause TECHNICALLY that's still "Fall")!
  • Stroll through Trader Joe's and pick up a thing or two
    You can't say Trader Joe's is not the Fall food aesthetic headquarters. You just can't! Granted I haven't been there in the Fall, I don't think. I know I haven't picked up or tried any of their Pumpkin treats yet! So I'm aiming to change that this year AND WHEN I DO better believe there will be a wholeee blog post about my experience! 
  • Get my apartment into the zen space I want it to be
    This for some reason is really hard for me right now -- I can't figure out why. I know I had missed out on about 3 months of hope to get anything done around my apartment in terms of tidying, sorting and organizing. But now that I feel pretty much better my OCD is what's holding me back most days. I wish I could explain it in more detail than just leaving it like that but I'm really hoping to fight back some day before this month is over and get it at least somewhat to what I can consider zen. Especially with the baby coming soon...
  • Play with more dark and vampy makeup looks
    I haven't been playing with or wearing much makeup as of late and I know it's because I was feeling really crummy up until recently but now with Fall here and Winter just right around the corner I can finally pull out all my dark makeup looks and my beloved dark lipsticks! Oh how I miss the 90's when dark lip colors were acceptable year round!
Gosh this list turned out longer than I thought it would!

What are some things you hope to do this Fall?

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