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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Texas State Fair has always been on my bucket list when I lived in Cali but being stuck in a small town with dreams of traveling I never thought I'd be able to make it to one; and I totally never ever thought I'd ever move to Texas!

This year we went to our SECOND Texas State Fair together!

This year I wanted us to get a picture together and someone was kind enough to snap this photo for us! You can barely tell I'm pregnant though lol and being pregnant I thought I'd have a little more eating room... but nahhh, I didn't lol!

We had a vague list of things we wanted to try and we went with doing savory before sweet unlike the year before and I think it worked out a lotttt better that way. We got to try some really good things! Here's a few of our favs;

Deep Fried Shepard's Pie;

This is one we stumbled on when we first walked in. We didn't exactly know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised to see it came with Gravy and Deep Fried Green Beans.

The Deep Fried Green Beans were SO GOOD. Dipped in that Gravy? OH SO YUMMM!!

The Deep Fried Shepard's Pie was also really good ─ I loved how it was filling stuffed into a ball of Mashed Potatoes. Dipped in the Gravy it was so good and savory!

Cotton Candy Taco;

THIS WAS OUR FAV.  And it was one of the biggest things on my list that I had seen before on Instagram.

We found our way to the one inside the car model room where they had the S'mores Cotton Candy Taco. There was a stand outside we found later that had a Strawberry Shortcake and a Chocolate Covered Cherry one as well as the S'mores.

So this was pretty much a Waffle Cone shaped like a Taco Shell; inside was Marshmallow sauce then they put on to some kind of delicious Cotton Candy. Sprinkled with Oreo crumbs and more Marshmallow sauce and 2 delicious Pocky sticks. I don't know WHAT KIND of Pocky these were but the Chocolate on them were so good. I just wanted a box of those on their own.

Oh I hope this is there next year as well! I'll be getting TWO.

We went by the rides/games section and Bubba wanted to win me something, he nailed this one on the first try! He was a pain to walk through the Fair with because he's so awkwardly shaped but how sweet of him!

Here's my outfit and makeup look for the Fair;

Eyes; HUDA Gemstone Obsessions in Ruby
Face; Julep Perk It Under Eye Treatment Brightener + ELF Tone Correcting Powder
Lips; Colourpop Disney Designer Lip Stick in Tiana

Sadly I lost that beanie! And I've had it for years! I have no idea where it went off to and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad about it... whomp. Hopefully it's just hanging around the apartment or in Bubba's car somewhere.

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