Christmas 2018 🎄

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Every Christmas Bubba always says, "this is gonna be, the BEST Christmas EVER!" and every year he tops the previous year lol.

He also has a habit of letting me open gifts early.

One of the first early gifts I got to open was my Too Faced Gingerbread palette and my Fenty lip/cheek combos. Only cause Bubba wanted his tablet early lol.

He has a sort of tradition of getting me Too Faced palettes every Christmas and this was one I was super excited about! It doesn't smell like Gingerbread in my opinion, but it sure is pretty!

This is a palette I had been trying to get myself for MONTHS so I was super excited when Bubba handed it to me to unwrap, I wasn't expecting that!

But can we talk about how glam the packaging itself looks?! The box is also textured and it's just so dang pretty! I actually used this palette for my Christmas Eve look. The colors are super pigmented and blend like butter!

I also felt like these had some Cinder by Marissa Meyer references with the names (Cyborg, Dystopian, CINDER, STEAMPUNK?!), is it just me?!

Can we talk about how pretty this wrapping is?! I almost didn't want to open it cause it's so pretty!

But I did.

He had me open the Vanilla Bean Noel as a set; there was also 2 other glitter sprays I opened earlier. These are SO strong! I love them! I don't know when I'll ever be able to use the GLITTER aspect of it but ugh I wish I did! Cause it's so pretty and it makes putting on glitter so much easier.

Bubba is definitely building my Mickey Funko collection lol! I'm gonna run out of room in my Mickey Funko cubby... hell I'm already out of room!

Two of the candles I got to open early. I'm in love with the Waikiki Beach Coconut one! I'm tempted to light the Gooey Marshmallow. But I hate lighting candles I only have one of... eeep!

So the night BEFORE Christmas Eve Bubba just had be open this pile of gifts, I still had 2 more stacks to open for Christmas Eve and for Christmas Day.

Goodness, looking at this breakdown is making me wonder just how many gifts did he get me lol!

I love the gift wrap for this year ─ get you a man who knows your aesthetic! The black gift wrap was so pretty with the marble but Bubba hated wrapping with it. That black gift wrap was like a cross between cloth and paper, it was so weird!

Not pictured: The stuff inside the MAC back (a lip scrub I LOVE and a big pack of makeup wipes which are the only makeup wipes I use) and the Morphe 35V palette (not sure why I haven't taken a photo of it yet).

He wouldn't let me open this one until Christmas Day and it had to be the last gift to open. Like why. Why ALL THE BOWS lol.


I started a Christmas Eve tradition on accident last year ─ where I wear gaming Christmas sweaters. Last year I did Mario, this year I had Kingdom Hearts.

Bubba decided to join me this year with his Overwatch sweater!

And as I mentioned; I used the Anastasia Sultry palette since I couldn't get a good blue look to work.


I got to open the rest of my gifts!

Bubba usually themes my Easter baskets but this year he themed my Christmas gifts and the theme for this year INFLUENCERS!

He also got me Funko Pop's! He got me Chilly Willy and the flocked Winnie The Pooh which are 2 that are ones I really really wanted! He also got me a 10" Sorcerer Mickey which is one of my fav Mickey's! And a FMA one with kitties! And a Mei with Snowball!


I opened the box and it smelled like home. Oh it makes me so happy!

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to talking about this.

Bubba had got me the whole Bretman x Colourpop collection. The moment Bretman had said that this was inspired by his culture Bubba just knew he had to get it for me. Get you a man who understands how much your culture means to you.

He also got me Kimoji Cherry which kind of reminds me of my all time fav perfume from Escada: Cherries in the Air which was a 2013 scent that's way gone now. I have like one full bottle left. That I refuse to use.

I love Kathleen Lights and her Colourpop collabs so of course I picked up her Twinkling Lights lippie set! Which ironically got to us before Christmas!

The Sylvia Gani is one Bubba picked up himself; I'm not too familiar with her but she's been featured in some of the YouTubers he watches and he saw she had a collab with BH so he picked that up for me as well and right now I'm trying to come up with a few looks with it.

So far I've made a look with the Sultry and with the Wet and Lit palette. I'm trying to come up with a look with every palette!

The crazy bow gift was THE JEFFREE STAR ALIEN PALETTE.


He managed to get the Alien palette.

He also got me one of the Jeffree Star lipsticks. It's so pretty. The tube and the shade. I'm literally in love with everything that has to do with that lippie!

I LOVED all of my gifts!

I loved everything he got me! He definitely spoils me and I love how thoughtful every single gift of his is. Not just this year but the last 2 Christmases also.

Thank you so much love bug for another amazing Christmas!

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