Recap 2020; January

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Anyone else feel like January is like... the trial version of the New Year Resolutions? We get so hyped up on our goals and super inspired... yet next thing we know it's mid January and we feel like epic failures for not "staying on track".

I know I struggled A LOT with this, especially since I'm so fixated on doing the things I didn't get to do in 2019 because of all the postpartum depression and general depression that happened and robbed me of my time. But I'm trying really hard to remind myself that any step forward is still a step forward. No matter how many things I do or don't tick off my "to-do" list for that day/week/month.

I have to remind myself that this is a progress, not a destination.


This year I gave myself the goal of reading 20 books; the least amount I've ever had as a goal since I started book blogging nearly a decade ago. But I found the last few years I was nowhere near hitting my goal of 36 just because of life and didn't want that pressure on myself again.

I actually ended up reading FIVE books in January! I'm super proud and feeling really accomplished! I enjoyed most of these reads and others were kiiiiind of a let down. So far none that I've LOVED. I know people loved The Friend Zone last year but I thought it was just... okay. Towards the end the main character started to piss me all the way off.

I talk more about this on my book blog readarella; which I'm trying to start back up this year!


I managed to finish The Mindy Project which was a show I LOVED when it first came out and kinda just stopped watching. I felt like the "series finale" wasn't really a series finale, I have hopes it'll return even though I know it won't.

I also finished New Girl earlier that month and I'm so sad to see it's over! I've loved New Girl forever and I'm glad I finally got to finish the series. It was so good!

Tums and I also finished The Bravest Knight on Amazon Video, it was super duper cute and I think I probably enjoyed it more than she did lol.

In Feb we've started The Good Place!


January was full of super downs and a few ups. Drama is never fun and especially when you feel super attacked over nothing by people who are suppose to support you; but I realized a long time ago that family can back stab you just as hard as strangers. And that's fine, bitter people love company and people who actively go around trying to destroy those around them are the ones who are the most unhappy with themselves. Normal people don't go destroying other people. Nor do they go around stalking people they're "done with".

I also learned my parents loved me as much as they knew how to. That my mom respects me a lot more than I've ever given her credit for and that you should pay more attention to peoples actions, especially when they struggle with words.

I went on a few foodie adventures and found some favorite new eats that I can't wait to go back for!

One being this amazing Creme Brulee from a place my husband wanted to take me to. This was pure perfection! And if you know me, you know how much I LOVE Creme Brulee! This thing was big enough for two! The Key Lime Pie he had in the back was big enough for three. It was crazy but crazy good! I can't wait to get another one!

I also finally tried Soup Dumplings and I'm a biiiig fan! They're so damn good. We actually tried this in Feb but it was a late Lunar New Year celebration lunch! Sadly I missed the actual Lunar New Year celebration we go to annually which is a bummer since Year of the Rat is my favorite year (despite me being Year of the Ox). Maybe I'll catch it in 12 more years, who knows!

Tums also started to crawl crawl and now in Feb she can run crawl. Pretty fast. It's like watching a scared crab try to catch up to you lol. It's freakin adorable. She likes to stand more, talk more and she's growing and learning so fast! She also began to eat table food with us in January and now we can't get away with eating and not sharing with her.

I have high hopes and high goals as far as blogging, life and self care this upcoming month and I'm excited to see what I discover in Feb!

How was your Jan? Did you discover anything new and/or exciting?

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