Hello 2020 ✨

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Pregnancy caught up with me and then so did postpartum depression. And then I lost my dad. So blogging and social media took a huge back burner in 2019.

I obviously didn’t get to post all the recap posts I wanted to do so I’ll be doing that through out January.

Most of my resolutions this year have to do with wellness so that’s what I picked for my {onelittleword} this year.

A few other resolutions include;
↠ Finish school
↠ Create a space for PPD
↠ Cook more
↠ Financial health
↠ Purchase with purpose
↠ Read 20 books
↠ Project pan 
↠ Work on myself — internally 
↠ Ignore drama + people’s opinions
↠ Be So confident in my own perception of myself that I won’t believe anything less
↠ Eat better
↠ Create content
↠ Become a Disney content creator
↠ Write reviews
↠ Learn Spanish
↠ Take steps to the 3yr plan everyday 
↠ Get back to meditation
↠ Get back to Yoga
↠ Travel 3 times
↠ Do one big act of self care every month

I’m hoping to stop by more often, especially with me wanting to go back to writing reviews.

Here’s to a productive and healthy 2020 ✨!

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