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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Early on in our relationship I made it a point to tell Bubba I wanted to be asked to be his Valentine; I didn't want him to assume that just because we were dating he didn't have to ask.

I don't know why I have this thing besides that I've never really been asked to BE someone's Valentine before. Hell I never really even HAD a Valentine's Day until Bubba came along. I use to use Valentine's Day as a day to spoil myself. My mom would get me gifts every since I was little and flowers every year though so I never really cared if I had a Valentine or not.

Even in the 11 years I was previously married we never really celebrated Valentine's Day. I did have a self tradition of having a Valentine's Day outfit. I figured if I wasn't gonna celebrate it, I might as well wear something nice that day. Plus pink is one of my favorite colors.

This year I randomly came out to the kitchen and saw this set up and Bubba asked me for a third time to be his Valentine ♡.

This year we decided not to really do much for Valentine's Day since Feb is already a pretty busy month for us... not to mention the accident Bubba got in at work which is causing him to take time off and our wedding at the end of the month and tbh I'd rather celebrate that than Valentine's Day.

We're also in the middle of clearing things out, rearranging things and getting ready for Baby Lo, so yeah, it's been pretty busy.

I actually have an appt ON Valentine's Day to do my last set of lab work for this pregnancy and I'm kicking myself for picking that day now since who the hell wants to do lab work on freakin Valentine's Day?! But Bubba has said right after the appt he's taking me out and we're going to go get some of my favorite chocolates so at least there's that to look forward to ─ despite having to go get stabbed beforehand. I really hate drawing blood and doing lab work but that's a different entry for a different day.

My eczema has been a pain in the ass all winter and I keep telling myself that little needle prick isn't nearly as bad as feeling your skin on your hands constantly split open through out the day and sting like crazy every time you wash your hands; I'll be fine. But that logic isn't helping as much as I feel like it should lol!

Before we headed to the Chocolate Fest event at Central Market last week (I still need to write that entry, don't I?) we stopped by World Market and Bubba ended up finding me a few things for a Valentine's Day gift. He was really excited about what he had found and wouldn't tell me what it is. When we got home I offered to help him carry some of our stuff in to which he declined saying I'm pregnant and he's got it.

Well he somehow ended up dropping the gift he got me so when he got back in he handed me the other two things and I was confused as to why. He said he broke the main thing so he said he might as well give me my gifts early.

If there's one thing I hate seeing it's Bubba sad for ANY reason. Even though he tends to brush things off fairly quickly and nothing really upsets him or makes him mad, I'm the super emotional one (even not pregnant. In fact I think I'm more emotional not pregnant than I have been the entire time I've been pregnant) and I always try to fix things.

My heart hurt cause this was such a sweet and thoughtful gift and I've been wanting this mug for awhile now but I never saw it in stores again! The fact he found it and thought to get it for me was SO sweet and SO thoughtful. He got me a ring dish and a jewelry holder that has the same thing on it. He knows how much pride I have in being an Aries.

So I made it a point to go exchange it for another one. It took about 5 mins to talk him into letting me.

 Ah, much better. And the perfect gift. Thank you baby love.

Bubba had stopped by a few stores the other day looking for some stuff for his DBZ cards and picked up a few things for me. I can't get over how even if I'm not with him he picks up things for me!

He got me the prettiest gift bags and gift box and the tissue paper was actually candy scented! I kept it! Along with the bags and as with tradition he got me a HUGE card. I love how he drew a bear on it with a foot cramp. Foot, ankle and knee cramps have been a thing this pregnancy. Sigh. LOL.

But he got me two wax melters: one I put in my bathroom and the other is on my vanity and it's so pretty when it's lit up!

He also got me a WHOLE BOX lol full of my favorite brand of wax melts! Not everything I own/like is super expensive lol. I've talked about these wax melts before on this blog a time or five.

He even found me the 3 new ones I was itching to get! I'm melting Cotton Candy Cloud in my bedroom and it's amazing! And Crystal Healing in my bathroom which is really relaxing. I'm so excited about these!

He also got me a box of Godiva Cupcake truffles I haven't opened yet and he's still going to go get me my favorite chocolates so I'll blog about our actual Valentine's DAY this weekend!

Then it's off to get the marriage license and things are gonna speed up from there! I have so much to look forward to after this dang blood draw, if I can just focus on all that's going on after and how we have to get things done maybe it'll help me get over the fear to get to the fun/good stuff faster!

Wish me luck.

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