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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ohhh baby, you're getting big.

I'm always tired.

I try to push myself to not be since I don't believe in naps and I try to stay up and active and productive. And also because do you see how big this belly is?! Laying down and getting up is a bitch in itself! I get so annoyed having to get up and pee through out the night as much as I have to because it's such a task!

Symptoms for this week seem to be like: oh it gets worse.


But personal symptoms so far include cramps. Be it JUST ONE TOE. Or my knee. Or my upper thigh. Or my ankle. Just weird places. Oh AND MY BACK.

Heartburn, almost all the time. Even with taking a Zantac and even in the morning when I get up. And hm... what else? Oh she decided we don't like Coke anymore. So I've been drinking Gatorade in hopes to help with eliminating cramps even if my legs have been super restless lately. Sigh, I use to love bed time now I sort of dread it.

Baby however is still pretty active and moving less but it says at this point of the pregnancy they're sleeping more. When she does move though it's pretty darn hard! And heavy! She definitely makes her presence known. And every time I bend over forwards I feel like I'm squishing her, even if it's to pick up my shampoo in the shower. I really need to move that thing somewhere higher...

Daddy rearranged the living room all yesterday/last night and we're working on getting the clothes/laundry situation, also bought actual kitchen stuff with the wedding money my parents gave us. So that's exciting. We still have to get the dresser, the bookcases and Baby Lo's dresser to go in the closet. And I still have to fix up the closet. The cold has been making my eczema act up so it's been a bit of a pain. Literally. But the apartment is slowly starting to come together.

We also have to wash Baby Lo's new stuff which is A LOT and he baby shower hasn't even come up yet! Crazy! We only bought her two outfits ourselves lol!

My last blood test is coming up and oh lord I hate doing lab work. Like I HATE it! And this new hospital bruised me the last time! I never bruise when I do labs. I'm trying to psych myself up and tell myself this could be the last time for the rest of my life I'll ever have to do labs again. I watched them do labs on Bubba the 2 days he was in the hospital but he was in a bed where he  could rest his arm versus being in a small ass chair with them telling you to relax while they're about to stab you. Uh yeah, no. Not happening.

Plus Bubba obviously has a much higher pain tolerance than I do if he can cleanly cut off his finger and say it doesn't freakin hurt.

He got his stitches taken out last week finally! It's healing well and it's okay to not be covered any more. I think his hand is still getting use to the loss and lack of nerves but it seems to be healing well and that's all that matters. He has his final follow up appt the day after our wedding and we'll see if they'll release him to go back to work then or not. He's already had 2 weeks off for recovery and he's been super productive and still gets up really early; I appreciate that he's not a lazy person, at all!

So here's to hoping this week continues to be productive!

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