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Friday, February 1, 2019

Happy year of The Pig!

This year we went and joined the Lunar New Year celebration like we did last year.

This year we went on the first weekend instead of the last and we got to catch the Lion Dance! It was so cute! They went around bugging people and getting int their faces all the way into the grocery store! It was really cute.

I also had another Shrimp stick but I was so hungry by the time we got there that I ate it before I could take a pic lol.

I didn't get any good luck candy this year as I didn't really find anything that appealed to me this year ─ darn pregnancy. I wanted to get some coconut but I decided against it.

And of course we celebrated with getting dumplings for lunch! It seemed busy in there today so we didn't get a normal menu; but it's fine cause we were going to a dine-in theater after to see a Dragon Ball Z movie /shrug.

I obviously picked the 2 Shrimp ones, Buddy (Bubba's younger brother grabbed the left one) and Bubba got the Pork Buns. I like that they bring the carts around at this place but it definitely makes me feel like we miss some good ones sometimes.

This year I grabbed a BBQ stick that they have all over the outside; it tasted like Filipino BBQ it was so sweet and tender. And it was only $1 per stick! I should had gotten two more it was SO good!

Definitely going to stuff myself with these next year! Would be nice if they had this all year huh?

I also got my Royal Tea light bulb cup this year!

I was pretty basic and got Milk Tea, Bubba got a Passion Fruit drink and Buddy got a Lychee one with Strawberry Popping Boba. Apparently they didn't have normal Boba that day.

The DBZ movie was in a plaza I had been meaning to go back to so I was pretty excited about that. The movie itself was okay, I'm not big on DB but I got to know some of the characters Bubba talks about a bit more. It just seemed like a reallyyyyyy long fight episode to me.

I definitely can't wait to bring Baby Lo with us next year!

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