Recap 2020; March

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I honestly don't know why I don't update this blog as often anymore considering I still update the IG as frequently as I can.

March has been a challenge for all of us. With the quarantine's, the lock down's, the businesses closing and the entire media trying to scare the shit out of us into staying home -- which I'm not saying we shouldn't stay home, I definitely think we should -- but I'm just tired of all the scary negative news every time I open a browser or an app. It doesn't help my mom continuesly talks about the Corona every chance she gets. Every single day. No matter what else we're talking about.

So March has been a lot of staying home; which honestly, as a SAHM I already stay home every single day but Saturday on a regular basis. So. Basically it's been a non adventure on Saturday month.

Some cool things DID happen though! This stay at home thing has made me epically fail at my financial health goal -- but it's okay! Cause those trips are cancelled anyway! I still have time to re-save up that money lmao. I hate myself, why am I like dis lmao.


Since I didn't recap Feb I'll mention I read Raven by Kami Garcia and although I don't like graphic novels because they make my eyes cross, this one was a really quick and fun read. Bubba keeps telling me to look into Raven from Teen Titans saying she's a character I'll like and she definitely is an interesting one!

In March I had really high hopes to do Middle Grade March to knock out most of my Owlcrate JR titles in the process but that didn't really work out the way I wanted to. Audible has set out a few titles that are free to listen to so I'm currently still doing the audiobook for The Mystwick School of Musicraft with Tums.

I did finish one audiobook which was It's Not About You by Tom Rath which talks about how you treat others, the legacy you want to leave behind and just things to think about. It was a quick listen and definitely eye opening.


I sadly finished The Good Place, I had so much fun watching it. I'm sad it's all over. I need to know what happens to Michael when he comes back!

I finished Baby Daddy which had such an abrupt series finale if I'm being honest.

I caught up to The Expandable Universe of Ashely Garcia which is actually a really cute show and bonus cameos of Mario Lopez.

I started rewatching/catching up on Fairy Tail and man some of these arcs I just don't care for lmao. But I don't want to skip them either -- even if I have watched them a dozen times already. It's about the EXPERIENCE okay!?

I started a new anime called which is kinda weird but also really interesting. It's about a girl named Rikka who lost her dad and her defense mechanism is pretending she's someone else from another world. It's so crazy how I keep running into things where people lose their dads; the last episode of the first season made me cry and made me think about my own dad. In a way I definitely relate to Rikka in the sense that it doesn't feel real to me either -- like my dad can't be gone. But that's another post for another time.

I also went back to Keeping Up With The Kardashian's because it's my guilty pleasure, always. I don't really hope to achieve finishing this one as it's something I come back to now and then.


March was a month of lots of take out, staying home and online orders!

We actually got hit with the flu a week before this whole shutting everything down stuff happened. Bubba wasn't feeling well on a Saturday then that Monday Tums had a fever and a really bad day. We took her to the ER and she tested positive for Flu A so we went to Walmart to get her medicine and juice. I said I had allergies but Bubba insisted I was getting sick as well so I got myself juice, snacks and other things. I didn't think to stock up on disinfectants or TP cause who actually thinks about that -- besides I thought I had a pretty healthy supply of disinfectants cause you know, OCD life and all. But I didn't. I was suppose to, but somehow I let that slip away from me?!

My usual Sunday Sushi place is closed, sadly so finding something to get delivered on Sunday's was tough. I went back to an old fav which is McAllister's Veggie Potatoes! They also had Cinnabon Cheesecake which is AMAZING.

I tried the Coca Cola Cherry Energy Drink before all this happened and it was okay. It definitely doesn't have a strong energy drink after taste but it has a strong like... tea after taste. I will say it definitely woke me up! Which energy drinks usually don't. I just drink them cause I think they taste good but this one HIT ME.

Tried the KFC Chicken Donut Sandwich and it was okay. I liked the donuts but I still prefer the Donut Buger that I use to get in Florida a lot more.

Picked up a few Easter hand soaps B&BW had out -- the Easter stuff this year isn't too impressive sadly so I only got the hand soaps, I wasn't too interested in the candles, which sucks. I get one every year but this year it was mostly floral so, eh.

New aromatherapy came out for B&BW and you know I had to get on that! But one was missing from the store so I made a whole online order for it lol. No regrets.

After years of wishing to get a DW Home haul on I finally gave in because they now offer AfterPay! AfterPay is going to be the death of my bank account. I swear. But I got some candles I've had my eyes on for probably years.

Tried a new sushi place in Southlake before all this happened (this was the day Bubba said he wasn't feeling well) and loved their dishes! When all of this is over I'm definitely coming back to try other sushi rolls. The one I had was called The Apple Roll and it was good but the apple definitely took over any sushi taste which was weird! But it was pretty fresh and refreshing!

Discovered a new favorite from Trader Joe's which is their Crunchy Slaw Salad. I'm a sucker for a particular kind of peanut sauce/dressing and this one is my idea of perfection!

A high school band friend of mine hooked me up with some snacks on his trip to the Philippines! He found me my favorite -- Durian Candy! Which I guess you can only get in the PI lol. So that was super thoughtful and sweet of him!

My BFF also hooked it up with my fav Disney snack when she went to the parks and also sent me some sage; we all know this is the worst Mercury Retrograde EVER!

Attempted to Zen up the room but sadly the Lavender's died lol. I have no idea what happened, honestly.

Tums tried her first Sprinkles cupcake! It was definitely an experience. For both of us. I will forever be amazed at how she gets FOOD IN HER HAIR. Seriously.

Gave PF Chang's another shot after 5 years and I think I found some dishes I fell in love with and bonus! They now have shrimp dumplings!

Bubba got a new-ish car! WE FINALLY HAVE A FAMILY CAR! I HAVE NOT FOR SOME REASON TAKEN A PIC OF IT YET?! I know, strange. I for some reason keep forgetting to?!

I made Yelp Elite back which is exciting.

And my IG post was reposted by Bath & Body Works!


It's so crazy to know I have a TODDLER now! I feel like this year just zoomed on by. And life will only get harder from here lol! Now all I have left to "look forward to" is her learning to walk and talk and make life hell haha! But she's such a sweet and smart girl. She's also really really observant. If I tie my hair up she'll drop everything and copy me. Same with if I put on hand lotion and when I put on lip balm she cries cause she wants some too! I can't with how adorable she is lol.

Since everything was closed I had to cancel her original birthday weekend and come up with a plan B which was just get her a cute cake, fill the living room with balloons and let her have at it basically. Which went well.

But my in laws -- who I stopped talking to in Jan over some dumb drama threw her a birthday party that following Sunday and now I feel like what I threw her was inadequate compared to what they threw her... including they were able to get her a smash cake and gifts whereas I wasn't really able to. So yeah, that... sucks.

How was your March?

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