Hey guys, it's been awhile

Sunday, July 12, 2020

If you've been here awhile you know how I'm all about creating new weekly update things. So I'm going to try to start posting every week on certain days. Just to get myself back in the routine of posting and writing again.

It's been awhile, huh? I can't tell you why I've been away cause I honestly don't know. Motherhood has taken a lot of my time and brain space. And for some reason lock down has made me lose track of days and time. It's been weird ya'll. 

I sort of want to change the direction of this blog; or rather, change it back. This started as a lifestyle blog for me. A place for me to share my loves, my life and anything and everything in-between without feeling like I had to fit one certain niche. And somewhere along the way I ended up doing just that. My IG is filled with product shots and talks about makeup and candles which is fine. I love makeup and candles but I also want to start including more of me here. And I feel like I say that a lot.

What I won't be including however is things about mental health; I have a different blog for that. And I won't be diving too much into motherhood because I also have a different blog for that. But I will try my best to talk about Tums more.
Summer is always weird for me lately. I feel like my seasonal depression went from Fall to Summer. I've had some really awful things happen to me the last few summers and though they're in the past, they're still days/moments of mourning for me. And I don't really see that changing any time soon. So if I'm a little spacey or not all there in some posts, that's probably why.

How are all of you doing? How have you been coping with the lock down and everything else going on?

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