Hazel Hauls | Spring 2020 B&BW Semi Annual Sale

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

I know, social distancing and all that. But I ventured into one of the only stores I’ve gone into since Covid and they take super serious precautions with social distancing. But this might be my one and only SAS haul for Spring 2020. There wasn’t much I was interested in and online even didn’t have a big selection this time around.

One thing I was excited about was the Aromatherapy I picked up, kinda wish I had picked up two! And also the lemon lip balm. Years ago they had a black cherry one I was in love with but for some reason it’s been discontinued.

A fall candle is a fall candle, but for some reason I’m not digging this annual scent. It’s heavy on the cinnamon/spice scent rather than the crisp air type. So definitely going to exchange that. SPC however, I’m not. I don’t remember if I finished my last one or not but never hurts to have more than one!

I’m excited the 2020 fall stuff is starting to hit stores, I’m starting fall this year later than I usually do. But as soon as we hit the end of July I’ll be going into full on fall mode!

Until then, I'm holding on to summer a little longer. At least this year I am! I've got a few more B&BW hauls I've done before this one. Not sure if I should post those or if I should just do reviews on the products from those hauls.

Did you do a semi annual sale haul this season? Did you come across anything good?

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