Review | Expressie Nail Polish

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Whaaaat I'm writing a review?! When was the last time I did that?!

Please don't answer that lol.

I realize that since I've sort of kind of stopped blogging I've fallen in love with a ton of different products (but sadly, not books. Last book I fell in love with was A Court of Mist and Fury and that was in 2017, sad, I freakin know) but haven't mentioned/talked about/reviewed them and if you know me you know that's not how I work.

I've seen the Expressie by Essie brand around, mostly at Target and always just passed by them. Well, sometimes the husband doesn't come with me in Target if the baby is asleep in the car sooo this was one of those days lol. I picked up the last two in the photo (I'll edit this once I remember their names, sorry) and ordered the first one off of Ulta (Afterpay is the death of my bank account).

As a new mom who only has a window of maybe 2-3 hours a day to herself you're gonna need to utilize that time (or what's left of it after you're done cleaning) as best as possible (I edit pictures at 3am when I wake up to make her another bottle, I haven't had a full nights sleep in a year and a half ya'll)! I was a little iffy about this actually being quick dry cause even with my favorite "fast drying" top coat my nail polish doesn't exactly dry quickly. And a polish without the top coat? I don't know man.

Well I'm here to tell you THIS IS QUICK DRYING. I applied it during my bubble bath and scrolled through Pinterest and IG for awhile (cause you know, not much you can do in the bath or while your nails are wet) and I noticed they dried pretty quickly. Like solid smooth dry. Not sort of dry or even mostly dry. It was completely dry. I don't know exactly how long since I didn't time it (I should and I'll update this when I do), but it was at least within half an hour!

I'm absolutely impressed with this line from Essie, I just wish they had more shades. There's a good range of shades to choose from now but I'm hoping for some dusty vibes for Fall!

Have you ever tried these? What's your favorite shade? What other "fast drying" polishes should I try? I'm currently obsessed.


  1. The colours of these look gorgeous and so so pretty! I really like the middle shade, I've personally never come across the brand before so I'll check it out x

    1. Whaaaat! Essie is an amazing brand. I love their brushes, it makes it super easy to not mess up in my non dominants hand! These are fast drying and they definitely are FAST drying!