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Monday, August 3, 2020

The Colourpop x Mulan collab ad looked stunning; I loved the uses of red and the packaging. I was also super hyped for the movie, Mulan being one of my favs. I remember watching it in theaters back when it came out in the 90's. So to see the live action in theaters as well would had been such a cool experience.

I was able to catch the Colourpop x Mulan launch right when it happened and luckily didn't have any lag issues when I made my order ─ the Sailor Moon launch however was crazy and I had accidently ordered 2 of something!

My haul for this collection wasn't a big one; I was mostly just interested in the palette (which is an amazing quality, I feel like some Colourpop collabs don't have the best palette quality for some reason) and the lipstick (JUST LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING). The palette itself is stunning featuring a lot of natural shades mixed in with different shades of red and cooler tones to mix and match with. This palette would be perfect for me during the holidays as that's when I wear red the most and also in the Fall for the more cooler shades.

Unfortunately Colourpop palettes still don't come with a mirror.

The lipstick was one thing I was most excited for! In the shade Hua Mulan it's described as a Rosey Pink shade. Unfortunately this collection only came with one lipstick. But it also came with 2 other lip products which I didn't really care for. I love the design on the lipstick tube itself and on the lid. I'm a bit surprised this collection didn't come with a full sized liquid lippie!

2019 and 2020 have been strange years for me; I had planned on posting this for Chinese New Year but for some reason I can't seem to remember when things come up. Postpartum Depression + Mom brain sucks ya'll. But with recent changes health wise (that I'll write about later) I'm starting to finally feel like myself again. Slowly but at least I'm seeing some kind of progress!

So here's my Sugarfina Chinese New Year product featured with Mushu.

I definitely have Funko Pop's of Mulan herself but I figured Mushu would fit the theme a little better and because this is one of my favorite scenes of the movie ─ when he's banging on the drum trying to wake up the ancestors. Only to break the main one lol.

While I'm sad that the release date for the movie has been pushed back I do realize that it's for the better. The thing that bothers/scares me is that no one really knows when this pandemic will be over or what our new normal will be like, unless this is it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses doing "normal" things but I'm definitely not one to rush out into the public to do them either. I miss Disney parks but they'll always be there. I have to do what's safe for myself and my family.

Did you manage to snag anything from the Colourpop x Mulan launch? 

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