Hello August

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

I know I'm not the only one who can't believe it's already August so I'm not even gonna say it! But what I will say is: I can't believe this pandemic has been going on for about 4-5 months in the US now and we're still nowhere near getting better. If anything we're getting worse and that's insane. But then I run my weekly errands and I see WHY we're getting worse.

Everything is bigger in Texas.
Even the bullshit.

For the first time in ever I managed to wait until the end of July to start Fall. I usually start mid July but I really want to get the Spring/Summer content I missed out on out of the way before I go on full Fall mode. I know it doesn't matter in reality but I just like things to be in chronological order. So let's hope I get all of that other stuff up before August is over, yeah?

It's mostly for me and my archive purposes tbh.

Things I hope to get done in August;

Why yes, this was meant to be a monthly goals post but uh, I tend to talk too much. I wish there was a check list option for bullet points. Come on Blogspot it's 2020!

  •  Post Spring/Summer content
  • Sort vanity; decide what's staying and what's going
  • Sort candles; it'll hurt yes but it's for the best!
  • You might wanna check your FFXIV house sometime.... very soon
  • Post 1-2 blog posts a week on placesandpeonies & the 2 other blogs
  • Start talking about PPD
  • Try to regularly post on IG; I know the P&P ones is a challenge but let go of the idea of the "perfect feed"
  • Read 2 books/start on the Fall Reading Challenge
  • Get medical shit done
  • Manage bills... PLEASE... a little better this month
  • Start grouping things together to make packing easier
  • Sell Owlcrate books you don't care for
  • Write reviews
  • Start doing light workouts & bedtime yoga
  • Pick meditating back up
  • Tidy camera roll FOR THE LOVE OF... just please
  • Attempt to cook more
Ok I already feel like this is overly ambitious but you know what, I like to aim high so that's what we're gonna do! I really hope to complete at least half of this list... the most important things?! But we'll see, OCD does a lot of weird things when it comes around moving time as always. We were hoping for a 2 bedroom this time around but tbh we liked the floor plans and layouts of the 1 bedrooms more. I know, strange.

What are some things you're hoping to incorporate into your August? Do you have any goals for this month?

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