Fall Bucket List 2020

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

2020 is such a strange and crazy year. Things are so different this year and I know I'm not the only one who's worried about how Fall (and the holidays) will go. Lucky for me, I like spending holidays alone -- I don't do well with family get together's and holidays.

There are a ton of things I wish I could be able to do this year and places to see but I'm not yet comfortable with going to fun public places especially with Tums (how are you suppose to protect children who are too small for face masks from Covid?!) just yet. So this year's Fall Bucket List is going to be a bit different.

Complete my October Reading Challenge

This is one thing I aim for every year (for the last 10 years); some years I'm successful and other years... not so much. But it's definitely one of my favorite challenges I came up for myself. I'll try not to overwhelm myself this year, but no promises.


I really want to start baking more this year in general. I've always wanted to attempt Fall baking which makes your home smell warm and cozy. Pinterest has a bunch of great recipes to find (and a bunch I have saved over the years)!

Play with dark looks

I've always loved dark makeup. OG dark Filipino lipstick like in the 90's, dark eyeshadows usually smoked out with black. But lately I admit I have not been playing with dark colors. I've been playing more with natural and light shades. I don't know how or why the switch happened, but I really want to get back to my roots!

Review Fall snacks

Fall snacks are my favorite. When Target switches to the Fall section it just makes my soul so happy! I'm a sucker for Caramel Apple anything. I think I've outgrown the Pumpkin Spice scene. But I do still love a good slice of Pumpkin Pie! I'm excited to see what new snacks are coming out in 2020.

Take Fall inspired pictures

Despite that we're not going to be spending too much time outdoors, I still want to take Fall-ish photos. Every year I always think I don't take enough of them and looking back I have no idea what I did that Fall season. And to me blog posts/photos are a way of reminding myself that that season did happen. I know, it's a weird concept but I guess because my mom took pictures all the time for us to look back on, I grew up to be the same way.

Wear colors I usually wouldn't wear

I really want to branch out and wear more orange/brown and yellow colors. I've tried to wear more yellow through out the year but I'm so picky with my clothes! I really want to build a seasonal wardrobe. Like having seasonal staples. I'm by no means a fashion blogger or ever really plan to be but I do miss planning my outfits and dressing up when I'd leave the house!


I was never registered to vote in Florida so I didn't get to vote in the last election. I mean I didn't have a car to freely get around either but the thing that bugged me the most was my SO saying I wasn't allowed to complain about who got elected since I didn't vote. So this election I registered to vote and I'm waiting for my mail in ballot cause fuck not social distancing to vote. Besides I did a mail in ballot in the last election I voted in. 

Tidy & Purge before setting up for Christmas

Christmas isn't like my favorite holiday, at all. But I do love the colors and lights (not more than Fall and Halloween though). I always aim to have a fresh start by NYE and I never really get as much as I want done. So I'm going to try my best do get it done before I set up for the Holiday season this year. It might be a little easier since most things are in a bag/box already.

     While this Fall may look different, I'm still determined to make the best of it! As much as I can anyway.

What's on your Fall bucket list this year?


  1. These are some lovely things to have on a Fall bucket list - yes to getting outside and taking more Fall photos, I want to do that too. And I guess the single most important thing on your list is your vote - good luck!

    1. I love being outside during the Fall, sadly where I am now I don't get to see very many amazing sites during the Fall. I'm always on the look out for some but my husband isn't into things like that and often complains about how hot it is.

  2. Loving your fall bucket list! I hope you've managed to tick them off and have had a great time celebrating Fall :) Taking fall inspired pictures was on mine too, have loved getting creating over the last month.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk