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Thursday, October 8, 2020

I honestly don't remember if I stumbled on this indie wax company on Instagram or on Etsy. I know I was looking for wax melt bars. As much as I love themed shaped wax, it gets hard to slice into the pieces you want and without ruining the whole thing! I try to be super careful but sometimes I still end up messing up the whole block of wax!

I ordered a few things from Pumpkin Seed Wax, it was so hard to choose from but I managed to narrow my list down!

I of course had to grab Wicked; not sure if it was named after the musical or just named that but either way, I'm a sucker for the word Wicked as much as I'm a sucker for the word Autumn!

So far I've only melted Tricks or Treats and it literally smells like a S'mores minus the graham crackers. It just reminds me of milk chocolate and marshmallows. It's such a nice, warm and comforting scent! As much as I hate to admit it, I'm a sucker for chocolate scents. Even if chocolate isn't my favorite type of candy! I seriously almost wanted to bite in this one.

I'm excited to try the others, just wish I had a wax cutter or something lol!

You can check out Pumpkin Seed Wax here;

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