Life | Monthly Recap; March 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Looking back on my goals for March, I can say I didn't really complete most of them. The month seemed to had just zipped passed me. I wonder if this is just a thing that happens when you older or nah.

G O A L S   R E C A P

--- I did find an apartment luckily on the first day I started looking!
--- I didn't post more videos, I only posted one video in March and it was a video I filmed in January so yeah, though I did post something it wasn't exactly what the goal was.
--- I managed to drink a little more water but that habit ended up falling away, like it normally does. I really need to make this a priority.
--- I managed to post on Instagram a number of times a day but I ended up taking random 3-4 day breaks too, I just needed to step away from the obsession of it also.
--- I didn't meditate.
--- I didn't read. Like, at all.
--- I didn't cancel enough subscription boxes.
--- I paid more attention to Penny \o/
--- I tried to blog more.
--- I still don't know how to incorporate more me in my social media.
--- I should had defined "prep for Easter" a little more...

The big thing was finding an apartment --- which I did. So thank freakin goodness for that! Like I mentioned in my Hello April post, this is the time of year where it goes by quickly and before I know it I'll be sitting in front of moving day so let's hope that I get most of what I set to accomplish this month done. Though I'll admit; a lot of the times I'm unable to complete certain tasks because of my OCD/anxiety so that really makes things difficult. I'm planning on making a few changes through this month that inner me isn't going to like but outer me knows needs to be done. Maybe I'll make a different blog post for that later.

A couple of my favorite March moments

Easter prepping & Easter candy make me happy!

Finding Tsum Tsum Pastel Parade blind bags after searching 2 Target's in Texas!

Getting to spend the weekend with this adorable guy + foodie adventures with him <3

 Finding an apartment that Sophie will love + it's next to one of my fav places!

Our trip to the Fort Worth zoo was pretty epic

Getting my PS4 back! And he got me a pretty gold controller!

After searching and not coming up with Hopper... again; Bubba ordered him for me <3
I've been searching for a year for him, I'm so happy to finally have him!

 This pasta has got me obsessed like no one's business!

Getting my Yelp Elite badge back! \o/

Sophie's 2nd Adoptaversary

Rekindling my love for one of my favorite dishes I haven't had in awhile

Having Kingdom Hearts for the PS4 is pretty awesome too

The countdown begins!!

Favorite FFXIV March Moments

Figuring out how to do the tilt thing on /gpose
+ seeing how Bubba set up the yard while I was gone

Going Lala again and having way too much fun with the /playdead emote
Bubba remade my Lala for me since I lost all my saved appearances

 He also remade MY front yard of my house for me
This is how excited I am about spring :)

I was kidding but Naus ended up buying me a new friend!

My roommate pissed me off (which isn't a favorite moment, at all)
And this guy spams me with hugs trying to calm me down

I love my best friend, point blank period

Got my Weaver to 60 + ilvl190 + all four books \o/
Got Culinary to 50 and unlocked Moogles!

Seriously having him in my life makes my days so much brighter

There were a lot of ups and downs and a bit of struggles through out March and they don't really look like they're going to get any better within April but I'm so lucky to have a man by my side who's willing to do everything and anything he can without a second thought to make things easier on me. Be it just listening to me cry even though he has a long day of work in a few hours, assuring me that I'm not as damaged as I think I am, trying to figure out how exactly my anxiety works or replacing things that others take away.

He scares me and excites me all at the same time. He's my strength when I can't imagine being strong and my weakness. I have so much trust in him and so much love for him. This has been the easiest relationship of my life and the most fun I've had in one. Even if we are 3 states apart he never ever makes me feel like I'm ever alone. 

Thank you March, for not being that bad :)

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