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Monday, May 1, 2017

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Okay... I kinda failed in terms of updating through April like I had planned to. But it's okay, it happens. Life happens. I managed to do more in my life in April that I had been holding back on so I mean, every little accomplishment counts even if that means something else falls behind, right? We'll work on getting things balanced in time. 

But just because everything you have planned in that month doesn't go as planned doesn't make it a hard fail either.

The next few months I'll have to try and find a way to balance most things together. I may have to go back to setting certain days for certain things --- which can be a challenge when you have a roommate who hogs the washer and dryer for FOUR FUCKIN DAYS (and also claims things but doesn't come through but we're not talking about that). But whatever, I'll figure it out.

Moving month is coming up and it's coming up FAST so NOW would be a good time to get my ass in gear considering there's A LOT to be done!

  • Go to UHAUL and get boxes and a mattress sleeve (for the move)
    UHAUL has the most useful boxes when it comes to moving and they're not super expensive either. Also the mattress sleeve is a god send for someone with OCD like me. I also need to find a screwdriver to take apart the bed. I'll probably end up taking it apart a day or two early so the moving company can take it and just sleep on a pile of blankets.
  • PACK
    Cause you know me, I need way more than just 3 reminders. Anxiety hinders this a lot. It's hard for me to pack when I have OCD about everything; it's hard to explain but it requires me to wash my hands --- a lot. So yeah. But with as many days as I have, if I start now, I should be fine. If I just get it done.
  • Set up move with a moving company
    I'm already in the process of getting estimates from different moving companies. I literally don't know wtf I'm doing, at all. I'm just Googling as I go.
  • Start cleaning apartment
    THIS is going to be the toughest part for me. Especially if I get started on this before my roommate leaves --- which she better clean her room and bathroom on her way out cause if I lose my deposit again I SWEAR TO GOD. But this is one I usually don't have much of a problem with, especially if everything is already out. I'll do as much cleaning as I can, then that day that the moving company takes everything I'll finish up the rest of the cleaning. I just gotta figure out how I'm gonna do most of this... I may just take everything out of my room beforehand and vacuum the room then they can take the stuff + the vacuum and I won't have to worry about cleaning my room cause it'll already be clean! Yes! Good plan!
  • Take Sophie to the vet
    This is already in the process of happening, though I can't find her records that I got when I adopted her.. I need to look for those soon somehow. Or give the place I took her to last year a call.
  • Buy plane ticket
    This I would like to get done as soon as I can, though I know I can't book it until I'm confirmed of a few dates beforehand.
  • Blog once a week
    I won't pressure myself too much on this one. 
  • Post a video once a week
    In April I managed to post more videos than usual, I'm going to see about keeping that up since I'm in the process of reorganizing my YouTube channel (which is HERE in case you were wondering).
  • Get classes to 60 on FFXIV
    Stormblood is coming up fairly soon and somehow the months crept up on me. I'm in the process of getting 2 more crafting classes, 2 more gathering classes and 3 more job classes to 60. I NEED TO GET TO WORK!
  • Try not to hate your roommate
    Smh. I'm normally a nice person, as long as you don't make the same repeat mistakes every single week.
  • Reaccess food blog
    I don't know why this didn't happen last month...
  • Go to Flower & Garden Festival one more time
    I need to find out when this exactly ends so I can go one more time before it's all over. Esp considering I'm moving out of state soon so next year it won't be as easy to get to T____T.
  • Ship mom's Mother's Day gift
  • Read
    It doesn't matter how many books, JUST. READ.

I know that's A LOT of stuff to cover in one month but I'm hoping my will to be accomplished and productive will kick in super fast and I'll get everything I need to get done --- done! Still I may be too ambitious but hey, whatever! Let's see how many things we can get done this month!

Here's to May... and getting ready to move to a new place with new adventures!

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