Life | Monthly Recap; Empties August 2020

Monday, September 7, 2020

When was the last time I did an empties post?!

I've obviously been using products but I haven't really burned many candles down the last few months, I fell out of lighting candles which is so strange since it's kinda my thing. The bedroom light had randomly blown out though and so I started using this wax melt light up thing Bubba got me for Valentine's Day 2 years ago; picking a wax melt for the night for Tums and I has been something I've actually been looking forward to.

I'm ready to say goodbye to Summer, and hello to Fall and all it's foliage and beautiful shades of colors! Granted TX doesn't start to cool down until maybe mid Nov and even then it's like Summer dry heat one day and ridic cold 12 hours later. I honestly HATE Winter is TX, I have anemia and it physically hurts for me. I dream of the hot Winters in Florida I miss so much!

Here are my empties for the last bit of Summer!

August 2020 empties

Some of these are annual scent's and some are some new and some are new found favs.

Hand Soaps;

Love Ya' a Latte smelled like coffee marshmallows and as a super coffee lover I didn't love or hate this scent. It was kinda just eh. The set it comes in has the cutest packaging though!

Pumpkin Apple is I think new for me in hand soap but has been a Fall favorite in candle form since 2016. There's just something about this scent that makes me so happy.

Ghoul Friend is another Fall favorite but in hand soap. I wanna say they came out with a candle this year but I haven't picked it up. With notes of Strawberry and Peony, this scent doesn't scream Fall or Halloween exactly but I still enjoy it all the same!

Nor have I found my other Fall fav hand soap Vampire Blood.

White Coconut Caramel is a new to me scent and I had such high hopes for it as I'm a sucker for anything Coconut but this scent was just not it for me. I smell's good at first but the more you lather and by the time you wash it off it starts to smell a bit like popcorn. Which is weird. It's not really gross just not what you'd expect, at all! It's so weird! Bubba seemed to really like it though. To each their own.


Pantene Rose is part of a new line of hair care products. I'm usually not drawn to rose scents at all but there was something really calming and soft about this scent. I absolutely enjoyed using this! Maybe next time I'll get the matching conditioner.

Don't ask if it did anything for my hair; I have pretty healthy hair so I can never tell if something makes a difference, unless my hair is colored or something!

Body Wash;

Sea Salt & Lavender was a scent I was super excited about. I honestly didn't trace any Sea Salt or any Lavender. At least not noteable Lavender. Kinda bummed. I haven't found a really good Lavender body wash just yet. The Aromatherapy Lavender is probably my favorite body wash that's Lavender scented. And it's also the most amazing bubble bath!

Coconut Hibiscus is hands down one of my favorite body washes from B&BW, ever! I loved this one more than the other 2 that came in this collection. Not only does this smell like true Coconut but it also has a very light floral fragrance to it. It reminds me a little bit of The Polynesian Resort at Disney World!

And that's my empties!

I am missing the clam shell I finished from Zeep Bath of their Lemon Pound Cake but I've been melting that one for years, I haven't written about it yet but I will soon! I made a Fall melt haul that I still need to write about and I've been enjoying all the fun and unique scents that were released this Fall!

I'm slightly disappointed there weren't any candles in this post. But there's always next time!

How was your August, product wise?


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I'm one for aromatherapy during the longer days, and candles when the evenings are dark.

    1. My mom would light candles the most during the winter when it would get dark earlier and it definitely created this comforting ambience. I try to recreate that now that I live on my own but it never feels "the same".

  2. Some of these products sound amazing! I'm sending you so much love. ♡

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. Finding new products is so fun! I'm not sure why lol. Ah I wish blogger would turn url's into links!