Life | 5 Self Care Products I Swear By

Thursday, September 3, 2020

I'm big on self care. It's something that's super important to me and something I try to make time for. Any way that I can get myself to relax and do something I enjoy through out the day even if for just 5 minutes helps me stay stable.

There are a few products I try to make sure to use daily or weekly and they're things I look forward to using!

Self care is a nonstop activity that I feel like should be pretty high on a priority list, though I know for most people they either don't know where to start or don't know how to make time for it.

I always heard stories about first time moms who never get time to themselves and can't even find time to shower and told myself I wasn't going to be like that. Yes I watch my child all day long but luckily I have a husband who watches her on the back end of the day so I can have a few hours to myself. I get not everyone is that lucky and I get even if you don't have a kid life can totally get in the way.

Over the years I've tried incorporating little things into my day here and there and finding what works for me; and my habits seemed to have changed almost seasonally, but here are some things I try to stick to!

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Bubble Baths

Bubble baths are huge for me. I literally take one every single night. It's my time to edit photos, catch up on emails, format blog posts or just scroll through IG and TikTok if I have nothing on my to-do list (which is pretty much never).

These are the three I cycle through currently based on how I'm feeling. Besides these I also use LUSH products but B&BW Aromatherapy is my go to!

These are the current ones I'm cycling through right now!

Aromatherapy Candle

I use to match my bath with my candle but I don't anymore. The three most frequent aromatherapy scents I keep around is Eucalyptus, Lavender and Lemon/Citrus depending on how I feel. There are a few aromatherapy candle brands I swear by: Bath & Body Works, Woodwick by Yankee Candle and Chesapeake Bay I feel have the strongest scent throw.

Eucalyptus is know to relieve stress whereas Lavender can settle anxiety as well as aid in easing headaches and Lemon/Citrus scents also help with stress relief (plus I love lemon scents, period). 

Bath & Body Works had a Vanilla Cinnamon scent to their Holiday aromatherapy line back in 2012, I loved it so much, it actually helped put me to sleep. But they never re-released it after that. I'm still holding out hope!

Ahava Hand Lotion

I struggle with really dry hands and eczema; one thing I hated about living in California and something I hate about Texas is how dry the air is. I never had problems with my hands cracking the five years I lived in Florida because of how high the humidity is. And having your hands constantly cracking and bleed is not fun.

I got an Ahava hand lotion in one of my Ipsy bags and I fell in love. It smelled like Sea Salt which reminded me of when I worked at the Yacht & Beach resort at Disney World. I ended up buying a bigger size in the Cactus & Pink Pepper scent and it reminded me of my high school signature Winter scent which was Secret Crush from Victoria Secret. I've since also bought a bigger size of the original scent and this is a must have on my nightstand!

Disinfectant Wipes

As someone with OCD this is huge for me and this pandemic where disinfectants are not only hard to find but sold out literally everywhere is really messing with my anxiety. I use disinfectant wipes on a daily basis for a number of things. Every day (literally since at least 2007) I disinfect my phone before going to bed. If I went out that day then I wipe it down when I get home as well. But it has to be wiped down before it can even touch my bed. I also wipe down the door handles every night. And as weird as that might sound it's turned into a form of self care for me -- knowing that everything is nice and clean before going to bed makes me feel better at the end of the day!

What are some of your must have self care items?


  1. I especially love a good bubble bath and candle.

    1. I agree! Sometimes I think I ruin the special-ness of a bubble bath cause I take them so often but some days they're MUCH needed!