Recap 2020; August

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

How is it possible that this year is traveling even faster despite the on and off lock down's?! This year is just zooming by; it's almost Spooky and Holiday Szn and I'm glad to have something to look forward to.

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In August I managed to read about 3 books;

The Will and the Wilds by Charlie Holmberg was one of those reads that I didn't love but I couldn't put down! It was SO weird. I have more of this authors books on my Kindle that I have yet to start on. No idea why I started with the latest one lol but I'm excited to dive into her other books! I also wrote a book review on it on the Places + Peonies blog!

Fairy Tail Vol 1 was up on Kindle Unlimited so I figured WHY NOT. I'm a huge fan of Fairy Tail. A little too huge. It's the one anime that just lifts my spirits and I rewatch it ALL the time. It follows pretty much the intro episodes of the anime. But it was still neat to see in manga form!

Six Figure Blogging in 3 Months was a borrow from Scribd. I've bookmarked a ton of blogging/social media books trying to get updated on the change of the internet world. The problem is that you don't really know what some of these books include. I didn't find that this one was too helpful. It does have a great resource page for affiliate programs to look into, but other than that... I didn't find any other part to be as helpful.


Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood jfc I hate this show. When did children's shows get so... annoying? Daniel and Caterina both need their asses WHOOPED with their anger issue selves. Daniel gets away with everything by "if you get so mad that you wanna roar, take a deep breath and count to 4," no Daniel needs his ass whooped for that tantrum he didn't even need to throw. Selfish ass.

The Good Place was one of the first things I decided to re-watch as soon as I got a new PS4 controller (for review). I don't know what it is about this show that just makes me feel so... alive. Is that weird? It kinda sounds weird. But it's absolutely true.

Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love is what season two is called and I absolutely LOVE this show. The cast has such great chemistry. I don't know who I love more between Victor, Sticks or Tad. They definitely MAKE the show. I can't wait until the rest of the season is released. I just watched they throw Ashley a surprise Quince and it was THE CUTEST thing ever... but ended on a serious cliffhanger.

Great Greek Myths is a show? Documentary? On Amazon Prime that my good friend Brittney told me I HAD to watch and I've been LOVING it. The snide sarcastic remarks about the Gods (and mostly Zeus and how he's a hoe, swear, every episode focuses on a God/Goddess but there's ALWAYS at least ONE mention of Zeus seducing SOMEONE and "but Zeus was married and his wife Hera the Goddess of marriage...." and all I can think is: Hera must had HAD IT with his ass to go through this for an eternity). There was A LOT more to Apollo than I initially thought. And of course the Hades episode was one of my favs. There was only one slight mention of Hecate so far. But I'm enjoying binge watching this.


Considering 2020 is still cancelled for my family, we haven't really gone anywhere or done much since March besides run errands, grocery shop, sometimes I'll go on a Kate Chocolates or a French Bakery run but it's always to go. I'm still not comfortable dining in anywhere yet. So pretty much the extent of my "fun" on the weekends consists of Whole Foods or Target runs. I don't even remember what a mall is like anymore.

Jollibee opened up a few weeks ago out here for Drive Thru and pick up (if you could get through to the phone line). I tried calling in my order for an hour with no luck. But people around us in the parking lot apparently did get through! Not to mention that the Drive Thru no joke had like a 3hr wait. People were backed up all the way ON the FREEWAY EXIT. It was crazy. So I decided to come back in a few weeks when things start to settle down.

While we were out there I decided to stop by "the last Sugarfina location in our area that was open". I don't get to venture out to Plano that often anymore and I definitely don't get to venture out to Legacy as much as I'd like to. Despite all the foodie places on that one street. My husband always talks about how I "don't give TX a fair chance" even though I've been here for 4 years and all I've ever asked for was foodie adventures YET even if I'm in a foodie area I want to try, I STILL DON'T GET TO. It's incredibly frustrating. I feel like Rapunzel locked in a tower sometimes. I don't go anywhere except on Saturday and even then he'll complain. So it turns out that ALL our Sugarfina locations closed for some reason. As in ALL of them in Texas alone. Strange. But he pulled the whole "you had me drive all the way out here for a store that was closed down?" really missing my Cali/Florida life and all the food adventures I would go on. Foreal.

We looked at a few apartments because our lease is ending. And they increased our rent. And I'm just over DFW tbh. Everywhere is getting more and more expensive and I can't go look for a place passed Dallas cause "it's too far". So keep the new apartments coming DFW cause that's ALL I have to work with. And even now, the top 3 I chose were still "too far" but you know what. Whatever. We got denied for the first one we applied for, which NEVER happens to me. I've NEVER been "denied" on an apartment application before. So I'm stressed out and scrambling cause what now. Got into a huge fight about other places to look at since he dubbed the other two "too far" (even though his only requirement was that I choose a place in the city we are in, not my fault it's bigger than he thought it was. He's lived here all his life, not me, so).

I'm so over life this month. Like, I need a damn vacation. Outside of Texas. Away from Texans and the residue of drama and negativity. I need a reset button cause my soul feels SO heavy.

I started to Sage the apartment thanks to my BFF sending me this back in March and the first night I did, I felt SO light headed. And a little fuzzy and had a bit of cotton mouth. Not gonna lie. But also was sooo relaxed and chill. I did notice that night that I didn't have my usual mini anxiety attack in the bath like I had been getting for the last 2 weeks prior. So that's been a thing.

August was also the one year anniversary of my dad's passing and a week later was his birthday. The second one without him. I wrote about it on places + peonies.

I've been trying to keep up with getting adjusted but between the heavy stuff and apartment hunting it's been a little hard to keep up with.


Did I discover any new eats? I don't really... oh wait!

Tums and I have been eating breakfast since she's been waking up early since the husband changed his work schedule. We've been eating these Cherry & Cheese Danishes!

Tried a new Macaron place that we spotted when I went to get adjusted.

Stumbled on a small business chicken joint on the way to Whole Foods one day and it was so good! They have a bunch of different sauces to choose from as well as how you want your potatoes and a bunch of Fair Food also! We didn't try any, but next time!

Bubba made me and Tums Chocolate Chip Mickey waffles with the waffle maker I got him for his birthday; this is the closest I've found to the ones at the park and you can get it here on Amazon! I know BoxLunch had sold one that was JUST LIKE the one at the parks but it was like $100.

I use to get these Strawberry Shortcakes from Marble Slab every day after Kickboxing class when I was in college. I have no idea why but I just always REALLY WANTED ICE CREAM. I'm so sad we were denied for the apartment that was over by this place. Sigh.

On our way to Jollibee, Bubba wanted to stop at a random shop for donuts and he got me this Strawberry Rainbow one and it was SO good. He swears the best donuts come from small shops and most of the time he's right. It was definitely better than Krispy Kreme and Dunkin. I wish we had taken note of what this place was!

I've also been obsessed with the rice bowls from Burning Rice. Every time I see a picture of it I crave one super hardcore. I usually get it with white rice and a SIDE of noodles, but some day I'll get it the other way around.

I honestly don't know when was the last time I had Elote; but I was super craving one day so Bubba stopped me by this new place and it was SO good. Now I want more...

There was a bit of foodie things that happened in August. I can't believe it's already Sept and that Fall is right around the corner! I literally hate Winter in Texas so hopefully I can think of fun festive stuff to do indoors where it's not 35 degrees. Which to a Floridian is AWFUL FREEZING COLD.

How was your August? Did you discover any new favorites?


  1. OH WOW. I didn't know you were in Texas too.
    Aww I feel you when it comes to food adventures lacking in TX. When I went to Cali to visit family, I felt like I had more content to post than when I did while at home.

    I miss Jollibee. There's one in our city but it's one hour away.

    That line extended all the way to the freeway?! o _ o ;;;Whooa. I'd be super angry too if that happened.

    I like your sage ritual. Glad it helped with anxiety for you :)

    Mari |

    1. LOL I moved away from Cali in 2013 and I STILL have food content to write! It was too easy to try new eats cause there was so many so close together! And you were always discovering something new while discovering something new.

      I feel like in TX not only is everything SUPER spread out that you have to specifically go to that certain place but some places are literally in the middle of nowhere?! It's so weird!! Plus with pandemic so many places in DFW have closed down which sucks!

      I typically just order through UberEats, DoorDash or Favor since my husband is also super picky about food (and prices pffft).

      And yeah I mean I love Jollibee just as much as the next Filipino but I was NOT getting in that line, I can wait a few more weeks lol