Recap 2020; September

Monday, September 28, 2020

Seriously, WHERE IS THE YEAR GOING?! While I'm glad 2020 is almost over I'm also worried that 2021 won't be any better and I had very sentimental plans for my birthday that I would literally be crushed if they didn't happen. Then again I was really sad about the other 5 trips this year we had to cancel.

It's also moving month and I didn't do crap to prepare like I normally do; September didn't slip passed me but for some reason I wasn't as responsible as I usually am and I honestly need to snap out of that because I don't have space or time to let things slip passed me. Postpartum Depression is weird and I wish it would just leave me alone already! I feel like I'm fighting a fog constantly.

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This month I didn't read much. I had started Shadow of The Fox by Julie Kagawa since I heard so many awesome things about it and I loved her Iron Fey series back in the day but I just could not follow this one and it was making my head spin! And I was listening to it which makes it even worse.

I switched over to Wicked Saints and it's interesting so far but I haven't finished it yet.

I've got a ton of books bookmarked on my Scribd account and samples of books I want to read from Amazon; I may start doing book reviews of those. Someone I follow did a thing like that and it was pretty cool.

I started Alice The Absent: A Splintered prequel story by A.G. Howard. I need to finish that series too. But Morpheus gets on my nerves.

I did read a sampler of Lore by Alexandra Bracken thanks to Hyperion and NetGalley.

Yes, I did give in and start up my NetGalley crap again. Don't judge. Idk what I'm doing either.


I honest didn't watch anything other than Great Greek Myths. I finished most of the first season but the last 2 episodes of Season 1 and ALL of Season 2 you have to buy. Wthhhhh.

Meanwhile Tums has been really into Umizoomi and Blippi. As long as she's over Daniel Tiger!

I've had HBO Max since its launch and I haven't spent enough time on it. I did binge watch Selena + Chef and I loved seeing that side of Selena and hearing about some awesome chef's around LA.

I also started watching Girlfriends which was a show I loved as a kid. It's been years since I've seen it!

I also gave in and started watching The Game and I'm realizing my cousin was right -- I have been missing out.


It was moving month and I honestly wish I talked about my moves more over the years but it's always such a stressful and hectic time for me. I always get sick or end up with a migraine or something.

We gave ourselves almost a week to get everything from the previous apartment to the new one and honestly right now, I'm 2-3 days away from having to be DONE DONE with this place and I'm so sad this is my last week here. I LOVED this apartment way more than I thought I would. I love my open designed closet. And the routines I created here. But them upping our rent $200 is not it for a 1 bedroom. However finding an apartment I actually liked in Texas? That surprised me as well.

I started doing Sage cleanse and I talk more about it here on places + peonies. But it's become an every night ritual for me. I was suffering from mini anxiety attacks every time I'd try to wind down in my bath every night for about 2 weeks. My medication didn't change and not much in life itself changed so I wasn't really sure why I was getting anxiety attacks. But I noticed every night I did Sage, I wouldn't have them. I also noticed I slept better. So what was suppose to be an every week thing turned into an every night thing. I found a lavender one on Etsy I love and I used ALL of it. I need to get another one!

I spent more time talking to my sister in law Ashlee and she's the little sister I would had loved to have. I mean, I have Marissa and I love her to death but you know, litter sister. I know my in laws aren't too fond of her and tbh knowing how they are, I see why they don't like her or me. But I absolutely adore her and she's literally the perfect hype man. Every time I wasn't feeling well she'd spam my Facebook wall with all kinds of sweet messages and it would just make my day. I'm so glad she's in my life!

I got re-accepted into Amazon Vine's reviewer program! I'm so excited about this and I'm trying to do better this time. I thankfully got a few controllers for the PS4 for review, which I needed to replace my rose gold ones cause they kept breaking on me. And I actually found an off brand I love! I got a cute little bunny night light for Tums that can either stay white or it can change colors and she loves watching and pointing to it! I was also able to get Poison by for review. I loved her other retelling Stepsister that I read a year or two ago (it's so crazy to look back at when I read books and realize it was more than a year ago) and Snow White is my favorite retelling subject so I'm pretty excited for this one!

I'm going to miss breakfast time with Tums. I get some kind of breakfast on the go pastry thing and we open it up when we wake up and eat in bed while she watches her shows on the Kindle and I work on blogging on the laptop. It's just these little things we do together that I'll miss. I'm sure we'll have new rituals and new things we do on a day to day at the new place but she's trying more to walk now and all kinds of other things. This is the last place she was my baby baby I guess.

I visited a crystal shop that just opened up nearby. When we moved into our previous apartment we chose it because the street it was on had a bunch of small businesses. There was an ice cream shop literally right across the street. Along with a New Orleans restaurant. There was a coffee shop downstairs that made the most perfect Cold Brew. There was an open patio restaurant down the street that would play live music. There was a taco shop and a pizza place. And there was a donut shop. All within walking distance right down the street. But some of these places have already close down due to covid. And it's heartbreaking to see all these amazing small businesses have to close. The coffee shop has been replaced and I've been mourning the loss since they closed. 

But a crystal shop opened up on the street and I finally went to take a look last week. I needed to replace my Sage and I saw they sold some. I also saw they had crystal skulls but they didn't have those when I went. The shop owner is so much fun. I love her energy and how excited she would be to see me when I'd walk in and ask where the baby was. I hate that I'm moving away so soon after they opened. But I'll definitely be stopping by even if I'm not near.

I kinda got back on FFXIV; I'm mostly just here for the crafting and gathering. Though I hear the Main Story Quest patch stories are just as good as the one they had for Shadow Bringers.

Bubba discovered pressing the buns on his Mickey waffle maker I got him and he was doing it for a whole week. Not that I minded, it was actually really good. I'm so glad I have a husband who LIKES cooking and will always jump at the chance to cook something for me and the baby if we say we're hungry or if we haven't eaten all day. But seriously, how cute are these buns?!

He also started making me iced coffee at home with my Nespresso maker! It's been so nice. And his presentation is even better!

I've been playing with a bunch of indie wax melts and LOVING the experience! I've always loved Zeep Bath and I've been buying her wax melts I think for as long as I've been living in Texas! I went a little nuts on her Fall collection but I regret nothing! I also discovered Honey Soda Co on Instagram and she does a bunch of Disney inspired scents. I'm so in love. I don't remember if I discovered Pumpkin Seed Wax on IG or browsing through Etsy, but their Wicked wax was what got me! I haven't melted it yet so I can't report on that.

My sister Marissa and I swapped books to read. She's been asking me for years to read and finish The Selection series so, here we are.

This is probably the smallest Fall snacks haul I've ever done. But tbh, not much has really been catching my attention. I'm not too big of a pumpkin snacks fan as much as I use to be and there isn't enough apple snacks out in Fall in my opinion! But Caramel Apples will always be my love.

I started crimping my hair and I kinda love it. It just makes me want to dye my hair even more now though. Bubba says it makes my hair look nappy. But whatever. I love the way it looks.

I also started wearing shorts above my knee. I literally don't know what took me so long.

Tums has been walking more. Forming more sentences mixed in with her babble and she beat one of her Kindle games! She's starting to recognize shapes and colors; though the colors concept is mostly still lost on her. She's starting to understand the concept of her Baby Shark card matching game.

But she's also been crying every time we say no cause she know's we'll fold. She's also been really drawn to Sophie's food and messing with her water. But of course still excited to sit with and play with Sophie. She's definitely impatient. Esp when it comes to things loading on the Kindle. And she's been more willing to skip naps. She's also got almost all her teeth which is so crazy!

Here's to new places, new beginnings and new discoveries!

How was your September? 

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