Hello October

Thursday, October 1, 2020

It's finally Fall!

Bring on the pumpkins, warm Starbucks drinks, spooky (or if you're like me, spoopy) reads and movie marathons, and orange everything! And if you're lucky enough to live somewhere where the leaves actually change colors this month, just know, I'll be scrolling the hashtag on IG.

Texas doesn't get a change of color until PROBABLY mid to late November. I guess I shouldn't complain since Florida never changed colors lol. Cali is still hands down one of my favorite places to be in the Fall. It's beautiful. But you know what's not? That cost of living tho. That traffic tho. That high ass gas prices tho. I've grown to love seeing gas under $2 lol.

Meanwhile, Tums whos name is actually Autumn, isn't into flashing pumpkins or Wheelers from Return to Oz. I'm going to chalk it up as she's a baby. She's new to this world and its workings. Yup, that's what I'm going with.

We moved. 

Cause you know, that's a thing I do every year too. And the first night at the new place was rough. It seemed like nothing was really going right. Then we discover, right before our nightly shower before bed at like 3am we had no hot water. Guys. I have OCD, I HAVE to shower but I just couldn't do it. I was crying at how cold the shower was. But the weird thing is even though cold showers can HURT like 10 mins after you're out you're good. Like what cold shower?! Tums was loving it. She showered with her dad cause I was just not having it and she was laughing and trying to run back to the water even though she was shivering. Crazy child. Then you know, our microwave was missing the rotating disk. And just a bunch of other stuff that should had been ready by the time we got here.

Anyway, it's October which means Blogtober so let's get started!

October Goals;

-- No more buying back ups of anything
After unpacking everything we've packed, I'm SO mad at myself at how many body washes, candles and wax melts I have. I'm sitting here thinking I don't have any more and here's some mystery box I don't remember that has back ups x 4 of everything I JUST said I "didn't have".

-- Get a new desk chair

-- Manage bills better
There's only 2 months left in the year, PLS get it together. At least better than you are now.

-- Plan Xmas gifts early
Super early. NOW early. Covid is out there and I haven't been to a mall since Feb. Not gonna start now.

-- Build up food blog/IG
This is something I really really want to put more time and energy into! Food makes me happy. Food is like my 0.5 love. And with the holidays coming up and around, I really want to try some cool new eats. Plus there's so much to discover around here and I'm actually excited for it.

-- Just keep Sage cleansing
I don't know why it's taking me FOREVER to find a dang therapist or what the heck I'm even doing with myself atm but Saging does help me keep most of my other issues under control, even if for just a little while.

-- Figure out a system to keep the floors/apt clean
TURN THIS INTO YOUR ZEN ZONE. Seriously. You waited years for a place like this, so, build it how you always dreamed of.

-- Crush the annual October Reading Challenge
Every year since I think 2009? 2010? I've done an October Reading Challenge. Mostly to find a reason to make myself read all the spooky books I wanted and got for review back then. But I've discovered some of my absolute favorite books/series this way and it's been awhile since I've actually tried to do them. Esp since the kid's been born. She lets me read more now (she stole my Kindle to watch her shows and play her games but tbh, it's amazing watching her learn) so I'm totally able to continue my tradition!

-- Do something Fall
With Covid we can't do Halloween at the Zoo or anything like that like we did last year. I don't even think we'll be going to a pumpkin patch this year. Tbh Tums isn't about that hey take a pic with the pumpkin k? life. She always cries. But I still want to do something Fall like. Esp something family-ish. I love starting traditions so I'd love to start a Fall one with Tums.

I say this every October and I always have such high hopes for myself. But I never do it. But NOW I have a HUGE kitchen. Okay, not huge but you know, bigger than the usual apartment type of kitchens. Okay not even that -- our sink isn't connected to our island, ok? It has its own space lol. And since I'm not too hot on the pumpkin craze anymore, I wanna make something caramel apple.

-- Enjoy Fall
Every year prior to this one, we're "had to skip Fall to save up for our Christmas Disney trip" that ended up never happening. Twice in a row now. This is the first year we're not planning a Dec Disney trip and I can freely blow my money on Fall things without feeling like I'm potentially ruining my future Disney trip. And I'm so excited that my head hurts just thinking of the freedom lol!

This list is already getting pretty long, and the worst part is this isn't even all the stuff I want to accomplish this month. But it's where we're gonna start.

Are you doing Blogtober? What are some things you hope to do in October?

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