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Monday, January 19, 2015

So I was suppose to post this like, way earlier in the month. Right after I talked about my #onelittleword with you guys. I didn't really make my solid resolutions. I think my mind is avoiding the subject every time I bring it up. Yup, it's doing it right now. So we're gonna go with month to month goals so it doesn't freak out.

So it is now Jan 19th and I have a week and a half left of January. The good news that I have a week of classes left then I can complete my admission papers to Full Sail which I am super excited about. The bad news is I don't remember what MLB stands for lmfao. That's awesome. I've joined 2 apps that I'm planning to sell things on. And debating on making either a page for it or an instagram account. I've got loads of stuff I can't take with me to Cali and I would rather find it a home than just get rid of it. Some of it will be super random and others of it will be makeup I never even knew I had. I seem to have been discovering a lot of those lately. 

So, let's see what we can accomplish in this week and a half, yes?

Is there anything you hope to accomplish before January is up?

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