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Saturday, January 31, 2015

So.... it's the end of January now (literally, it's the 31st) and... I duuuuuno... the month sort of just slipped passed me in a way. Like I literally don't remember that much of January. It's weird, it's like one day I was walking out of my bedroom and looking around my apartment thinking this place is a mess! It almost felt like I wasn't even here for the last week. Like I checked out to LaLa Land or something. It was strange. Though to be fair, the last few months have sort of been strange. A daze of clouded memories, various stages of pain and just being sad and suicidal. I know no one likes to hear about that and I have a completely separate blog in which I get into the details of it but I will bring it up from time to time here too because it is a big part of my every day life.

I know I had a list of things I was hoping to get done by the end of the month... which I swear I COULD HAD achieved, had I not checked out. But to be fair, I spent a week in the weirdest painful sickness ever because my dumbass was going through drug withdrawal since I messed up my med count. So I went five days without and it was awful which is crazy because my dose is really really small. I couldn't imagine the people who took Xanax and had to be taken off of it for whatever reason. It's almost like you just want to die. Never again. So about a week of that went on. I tried to update my twitter and instagram as frequently as I could though.

Really don't know the purpose of this post. Just to say hi I guess. I'm still here! Valentines Day is coming up and I don't have any tutorials (I would LOVE to do tutorials but honestly, I'm as blind as a bat --- maybe worse --- without my glasses. I've thought about contacts but I think I look weird without glasses and I have a slight fear of getting the contacts in my eyes.) coming up. I do plan on doing some Valentines Day candy reviews. Valentines Day is sorta my jam when it comes to candy. Just because everything looks all pretty and girly. I also have brief restaurants to review but I think I'm going to post full reviews on my food blog just because I need to get that thing up and running again. And also I have some DIY idea's, I just need to find a way to properly film them. Don't you ever wish there was two of you? Cause I know every time I try to get M to film my videos they always come out wrong and I get super frustrated cause he's not listening to me lol!

I might end up doing more blog posts than actual videos just because some of the stuff I wanna talk about there's isn't enough to say to include it in a video.

Hoping to at least film a Jan Favs video soon! And talk about the 3 Julep boxes I got in January. Totally shoulda got on this earlier. For shame Hazel, for shame!

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