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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

 Wow, I thought I had posted this here... but I guess I didn't. Whoops. That's a first of missing it. 

2021 was better than 2020 for sure. 

I got to see my BFF and spend my birthday with her at Disney World after not seeing her for 15 years. I also got to see my girl Alexis and it was our 10 year anniversary since our Disney College Program. It was so nice to see them both. I also got to go back in November for Christmas time stuff as well as hit Universal Studios where I met up with my friend Angely. She's so fun to be around! I'm glad I was able to see her!

The end of 2021 was unexpected for lack of better word. I opened up my shop and it did really well the first and second month. I mean it did pretty well all the rest of the year but the sales I made exceeded what I thought would happen. I'm thankful for the sales and the learning process that it took to launch my shop. It's been fun learning... well... everything. And having another outlet to express myself.

I got to spend more time with my Kuya Dru despite his crazy work schedule. Me and this dude have a crazy friendship history that spans all the way back to when we were 14 and freshmen in high school. I'm absolutely thankful for all these years of friendship (23 years of having to deal with my bullshit... and it's been a lot of bullshit) and having his guidance and company.

This year I want to focus more on balance.

Which is something I've struggled with especially since giving birth. I'm thankful for the ways I learned how to create balance between being a mother to a very active toddler and balancing a whole ass business. I lost a lot of sleep... but it was def worth it.

I want to focus more on balancing the things I want out of life and making them happen. 2021 showed me I'm capable of the things I know I'm capable of... I just have to want it and manifest it and keep my vision clear and unclouded -- that's the hard part.

Here's to 2022 and working more on myself and creating the life I want.

Did you pick a word for 2022? I'd love to know if you did in the comments below!

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